Chattanooga Track Club

Why I love being part of the Chattanooga Track Club……

Last night I received this email from the President of the club — he stated that the club will be offering free entry to the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon to all particpates that had signed up for the New York City Marathon.  Then on top of that – he stated that the Track Club will donate $$ for every person that takes advantage of this offer. 

Chattanooga Track Club
P.O. Box 11241
Chattanooga , TN 37401
Press Release
Contact: Chas Webb, President
Date: November 4, 2012
The Chattanooga Track Club offers entry to 2012 New York City Marathoners
Chattanooga, TN –”The Chattanooga Track Club is offering a free entry to the 33rd Annual Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon for anybody who registered for the 2012 New York City Marathon. Due to the recent events of Hurricane Sandy the New York Road Runners Club had to cancel it’s annual New York Marathon. The Chattanooga Track Club sympathizes with those who were affected by this tragic event and would like to extend an offer to those who could not run in the event. Entries will be on a first come first serve basis until the race is filled up. The amount of entries are limited, so participants are urged to sign up quickly. The cutoff time to submit a response will be Wednesday, November 6 at 6pm. To be eligible for a free entry participants must show proof of registration to the New York City Marathon and a photo I.D and submit to the race directors of the race. Free entry participants will also need to complete a registration. That form many be obtained by emailing the race director at For every person participant that gets a free entry, the Chattanooga Track Club will donate $20 to the American Red Cross, to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

The 33rd Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon is presented by the Chattanooga Track Club in partnership with the Fort Oglethorpe Tourism Association

About the Chattanooga Track Club
The Chattanooga Track Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stimulating interest in running and fitness for all ages and to promoting wellness through these activities. The club encourages anyone with similar interests to become a member and support our goals. No special qualifications, other than an interest in running and fitness, are required. Members can choose their own level of involvement: participant, volunteer, or sponsor. Everyone, from serious competitor to the casual walker, is welcome.

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One thought on “Chattanooga Track Club

  1. That’s pretty cool to hook people up like that. I’m sure they are a really great organization.

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