Do Not Ever Say Never

So, after 2016 Ironman Louisville I told G and everyone else that I would never do another full Ironman.  Something internally switched off out on the course, I could not ever explain what.  It took my desire, passion, and my soul (yes I know that’s a little too dramatic) from me to ever want to do another long endurance race.

Now, here I am with a years rest from long distance and I’m ready and determined to do it again.  It could be because I am turning 40 this year and I want to prove to myself that age is just a number.  So, what is different this go ’round is that I have actually hired a coach.  I am so happy that I do not have to plan my own workouts anymore, which I have been doing since 2011 for triathlon long distance.  All I have to do is tell her what races I want to do and she comes up with my plan.  Every week when I open up Training Peaks to see the weeks worth of workouts, it’s like it’s Christmas morning.

So, if I have time I am going to start keep a log of my workouts on this blog again….It’s not to bore you, but help me see what kind of progress I have made.

I am back and happy to be training!


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2018 Chattanooga Marathon Ambassador

It’s official! I am a 2018 Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon Ambassador! I’m stoked to be training for the Chattanooga Marathon Weekend! If you want to join me March 2-4, 2018 for any distance!!!  Race weekend there will be a 5K on Saturday and the Marathon and Half Marathon will be on Sunday.  Basically the entire family can race!!

You can use code EPETTY and receive 20% off.  If you use it now, you will get the best price!!

I ran this race for the first time last year and loved everything about it!!  I hope you can join me in 2018.

Click on the below link to register or learn more about this race:  http://www.chattanoogamarathon.com/

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The Moth Ball

Ladies that live in and around Chattanooga, TN this is a “MUST” event!!  I learned about The Moth Ball from my sister that actually lived in Chicago at the time.  Basically, this is a women’s only event, where you can get out those old unused dresses for an evening full of fabulous music and great food.

This has been going on since 2012 and this year was my second time going and definitely not my last time.  All proceeds from the event go to a local charity and each year a different charity is selected – this year it was “Chattanooga Room in the Inn”.  For those that do not know about Room in the Inn, it is a shelter for women and children that helps them regain their independence with dignity and security.  They provide transitional housing, three meals a day,
access to healthcare, life skills training, mentoring, parenting classes, etc.  Such a worthy cause!!!

So make sure and put The Moth Ball on your calendar for next year ladies!!!

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Meal Delivery Programs

These seem to have become very popular  over the last couple of years.  Many people ask, is it for them??  I think it is all based on your own opinion not what others say.  I started doing this last year because I decided I wanted to start eating fish, but had no idea how to cook it.  Also, I was tired of eating the same thing day in and day out.  One awesome thing about these programs is that it comes with all the ingredients you need (other than olive oil) and step by step instructions.  When cooking my first meal, I felt like a chef!

Now the question is, which one should you try???  I have tried Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Plated.

I first started out with Blue Apron because their salmon recipes looked really good.  It did not disappoint, the food was amazing and the flavor of everything was off the hook.  I loved the everything was fresh and all the recipes were very healthy.  The only downside to Blue Apron that you spent a lot of time cutting and chopping stuff up.  Plus, you used so many dishes.  G would complain the entire time he washed dishes because that was his job since I did all the cooking.  Also, you are locked in to ordering at least three meals a week.  Plus, your meal selection is limited.


I will openly tell anyone that I did not like Home Chef because there was not a lot of flavor in the food.  It was cheaper than the others, however it just did not satisfy my craving for flavor.  Also, while the recipes did vary from healthy to not-so-healthy the meat was not hormone free.  Yeah-yeah I sound like a crazy person, but I can really tell a difference.    (Yes that is a glob of butter on that steak.)


I started ordering from Plated last month and I have been loving it!  It seems like there is a lot less prep work than Blue Apron, but it still has plenty of flavor.  Meals come packaged like the other two meal delivery programs, but there is a little less waste.  Like the other delivery programs, everything is recyclable which is always a plus.

I plan on continuing using Plated for awhile.  I like that you do not have to order 3 meals a week and there are a lot of different meals to choose from.  Currently we just order two meals and week, but we can change that anytime.  Also, I like the fact that you can include a dessert if you so choose with your weekly subscription.

So, there are my thoughts on meal delivery services.  If anyone would like to try out Plated let me know because I have some free boxes I can send.

Until next time…..

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Glass Fusion 103

So, here is what the glass fusion 102 vase turned out like…..pretty neat.  Now it is sitting up on a bookcase at home.


I’m finally taking a breath in order to hurry and talk about the last Glass Fusion class Trish and I went to at Fired Up Fused Glass.  I think by far this was my favorite class!!  We picked our platter glass color and then came up with a design using glass powder, which was pretty cool.


When working with powders you have to wear some very fashionable masks!


Trish and I rocking our masks.

This time I went with a black base and my “inspiration” (if you can call it that) was the cosmic outer space.


Looks pretty cool, right???  Even though I was totally out of my comfort zone for three weeks doing this, I loved learning about all the different techniques and how much work was involved in making fused glass pieces.

If you ever want to try it out, you must sign up for a class with Mary Jane at Fired Up Fused Glass, which  is located downtown Chattanooga, TN right across from the YMCA.  Click here for the latest class schedule.

Until Next Time…….

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Glass Fusion 102

Well here is how my project from Glass Fusion 101 turned out.  I think it looks pretty cool and I link how the edges are not straight.  However, now that I know how the glass spreads I would have used something smaller for the Mickey head because Mickey is fat! 🙂


If I didn’t mention last time, this is a progressive class.  So this week we moved onto something a little more involved.  We are making vases, which is a two firing process.  The first firing is to melt the glass, or tac it.  The second firing is to slump the glass, which means you put the glass on a vase mold and it melts to the molded shape.


After going over the firing process and learning about the tools used to cut circles we started cutting our own.  Luckily I got my circle cut on the first try!  It was harder than it looks.


Remember I am not crafty or artsy, so I decided to go with something I thought was easy.  While others used different pieces of glass, I used glass rods.  We will see how this turns out….I’m wondering how delicate is it going to be???


If anyone is interested in trying this Mary Jane is going to start another Glass Fusion 101 class on February 8th.  All you have to do is sign up!  I think it’s very interesting and worth your time.


Until next time….Thanks for reading


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Glass Fusion – What is it?

So for the past couple of years a fun group of girls get together and do something crafty/artsy.  Which I do not fall into either of those categories but I go because it is fun to get out of your comfort zone every now and again.  Also, these ladies make anything fun!  We have attended paint classes, completed pottery projects and now it is time to move onto glass fusion….

Trish and I were the only ones in our “girl group” that were able to attend this class.  I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I would have thought it could be.  

Trish and I in class.

Trish and I in class.

At first you have to go over all the safety instructions, you don’t want to get glass in your eye!  After that we went over how the process works and then we started learning how to cut glass.  The picture below is of a kiln, which “melts” and/or “cooks” the glass and turns your creation into a masterpiece.

A Kiln

A Kiln

Here I am learning how to cut glass…..it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.   I cannot really cut in a straight line (shocking I know) and I did not break one row correctly.  Practice makes perfect, right?


Next, it was time to design what you wanted your cheese board (aka – platter) to be.  Here is when I totally struggle because I no nothing about art and design.  I looked around the room and some of these people had gorgeous creations.  I decided to just use a bunch of blues and put it all randomly on the 12×12 backing glass.  Do you see the “hidden Mickey”?


How did it turn out????  I guess you will have to see next time.  I get to pick it up this week.  I’m also, going to the next glass fusion 102 glass, which I think we will be making a vase!

If you are interested in Glass Fusion, check out where I went here: Fired Up! Fused Glass  —Mary is awesome!

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Looking Ahead in 2017

I find it rather strange that prior to the end of 2016, you need to almost have your “main” race schedule planned for 2017.  Does anyone else do this?  Anyway, G and I have decided to take a year off of the full 140.6 Ironman distance and focus on trying to find balance in our lives.  Do not get me wrong, we have already signed up for a couple of half marathons, an Olympic distance triathlon, and a 70.3 Ironman event.  HA!

A couple of items worth mentioning for 2017.  (1) I am now an RRCA certified running coach (along with some other awesome Chattanooga Track Club Members)  I’m not sure what I am going to do with this yet, but I am very happy to have a lot more knowledge in running and now I am more confident in the questions I answer for friends.


(2) I joined an online Tri Club, called SBM & TriFecta Club.  This triathlon club was put together by Swim Bike Mom.  I am super excited about this club because of all the amazing discounts, giveaways, and knowing that anything SBM puts together is going to be awesome!!  Which you can join this now and save $30 with “nothingbutlove” code!  It is worth it just for the discounts!!!  Learn more at www.besttriclubever.com



(3) Last but not least, I am the Vice President of Communications for the Chattanooga Track Club.  I’m super excited about this but also a little nervous….there is a lot expected of me and I do not want to disappoint the President, who is also a great friend of mine.

Jan 2017 Chattanooga Track Club Board Retreat

Jan 2017 Chattanooga Track Club Board Retreat


So what do you see when you look ahead of 2017??

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2016 Review

Even though we are 6 days into the new year, I wanted to go back and review all the wonderful and amazing things G and I were able to do this year……

Jan – 2016 Disney 5K and Marathon….we ran with my mom during the 5K which was so much fun (really a dream come true that we could do this as a family).


March – Little Rock, AR…..We were able to run the Little Rock Half Marathon and cheer our friend on during the full marathon as she completed her 50th state!!  We also go in a little fishing while we were there.


April – Disney Star Wars Dark Side Challenge….there are really no words to descibe this.  I am a through and through Star Wars fan, so I enjoyed every second of this!  I also, was able to do another 5K with my mom…..Rock N Roll Nashville.


August – Ironman Ohio 70.3……We were able to complete the inaugural race in Delaware, Ohio.  We had a decent size group drive up and were able to eat dinner the night before with some fun people.


September – Peridio Key Beach, AL…..We were able, for the first time go on a family vacation with G’s family.


October – Ironman Louisville…..Gary and I completed Ironman Louisville, crossing the finish line together.  Something I will never forget!! Oh and lets not forget about Halloween – Star Wars!!!!


November – Then, for the first time ever we were able to take a large family vacation to Disney with my crew!!  (8 adults, 1 kid). Hahaha


I would most definitely say, G and I had a very blessed year.  We were so happy to be able to spend time with family this year.  I have about 200 more pictures I would love to post, but I will save you from it.  Other big news worth mentioning is that my little sister moved to Australia!!!!  We are both looking forward to what is in store for 2017.


Until next time……

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