Base Training Week 5

Monday – Rest Day!!!

Actual – Thank goodness for this.  I was so worn out from last week.  I knew if I opened up Training Peaks and saw I workout today, I would have hide in the corner and cried.

Tuesday – Swim 2,600 yards and 30 min leg workout

Actual – Completed the swim, it felt strange having my legs tied up in a band – but I finally got the hang of it.  Leg workout was hard, especially the elevated leg thrusts.  I could only do 2-3 of those with one leg in the air, then I completed the rest of the set with both feet on the ground.

Wednesday – Run

Workout – 50 min hill work on a treadmill.  10 min warm up, 4×30 sec at 4% incline, 30 sec at 1% incline, 2 min at 5K pace, then 2 min walk for recovery – total of 3 times all the way through.

Actual – I hate running on a treadmill, but loved this workout.  You were busy the entire time, watching your heart rate, incline, etc.

Thursday – Track Run

Workout – 10 min warm up, 5 x 1K w/ 1 min walk recovery between, 10 min cool down.

Actual – Enjoyed the challenge of this workout.  1K times per mile: 9:06, 9:12, 9:11, 9:29, 9:25


Friday – Trainer Bike Ride, Hip/Glutes workout

Workout – Total ride time was 30 min, with single leg pedaling drills

Actual – I lasted 40 sec each time on the one leg drills.  Coach said I would eventually build up to 1 minute per leg.  Ride distance 7.39 miles 14.8mph

Saturday – 10 mile run

Workout – 1.5 mile warm up, then 2 x each set 0.5 mile @ 9:43 w/ .25 mile @ 12:07, 0.5 mile @ 9:32 w/ .25 mile @ 12:07, 0.5 mile @ 9:21 w/ .25 mile @ 12:07, 0.5 mile @ 9:10 w/ .25 mile @ 12:07, 0.5 mile @ 8:55 w/ .25 mile @ 12:07, 1 mile cool down

Actual – GOOD GOSH!!!!!  I might could do this on a flat course (probably not though).  Only recorded the 0.5 mile times:  9:59, 9:47, 9:38, 9:36, 9:51, 10:22, 9:31, 11:22, 9:16, 11:14.  So I guess you can see where I just couldn’t go anymore.  So much lactic acid was in my legs I could hardly move them.  Next week, I will be putting tailwind back into my long runs to see if that makes a difference.

Sunday – Trainer Bike Ride

Workout – This had a lot of cadence work in it.  10 min warm up, pedal drills, then 45 min (9 rounds )of 2 min – 80-85 rpm, 1 min – 90-100 rpm. 1 min 85-90 rpm, 1 min recovery, then road until I hit the total time.

Actual – I did all of the above.  I’m spent for the week, that’s for sure. 24.15 miles and averaged 16.1mph


Looking forward to next week……Not looking forward to leaving work in the dark now.

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Base Training Week 4

Monday – Swim 2700 yards and Heather’s Kona Core Workout

  • Actual – I did the core workout that morning.  I was able to do half the “dead bug” exercises with my legs fully extended.  I’m making progress.  I swam 2700 yards after work.  It felt good and went by pretty fast.  Swam at the Hixson YMCA, not too crowded – but there was a high school couple that was making out in the lap pool.  Seriously…..disgusting!!!

Tuesday – Run and Leg weight workout

  • Run Workout: After the warmup the main set: 3×5 min low zone 3 w/ 2 min walk/jog between sets.  Then 8×30 sec sprints uphill w/ 4 min recovery between.  Cool down
  • Actual –  My first thought on this workout was 8 HILL SPRINT REPEATS!!!!!  I felt really good on this run, but hill repeats 4-5 I struggled a little.  However I finally recovered and did well on the rest of the hill repeats.

Wednesday – Bike on Trainer w/ single leg drills

  • Actual –  This was supposed to be an easy trainer right with single leg drills.  What I found out later keeping 80-90 rpm, I could use light resistance….no wonder this felt hard.  I was using pretty good resistance.  HA!  I will know for next time!!

Thursday – Run

  • Run Workout – Warm up….Main Set: 6×3-4 min RPE 7 w/ 2-3 min walking between sets, then cool down
  • Actual – I am really starting to enjoy these types of workouts.  I could only hold the hard part of the run for 3 minutes.  Next time I will shoot for 4 minutes.  By the times you can tell when I was running up a slight hill.  Which I am really happy with because a month ago I could not hold this pace.  9:18, 8:41, 9:35, 10:06, 8:53, 10:28

Friday – Bike 1:30 casual pace in zones 1-2, enjoy the fall weather

  • Actual – This workout did not happen.  I ended up painting the front porch and mowing yards.  After all that was finished it was too late to ride and I was too tired.  I did an easy spin bike ride at the YMCA Saturday, just for an hour.

Saturday – Run 10 miles, Heather’s Kona Core Workout

  • Run Workout – After the warm up 1.5 miles, Main Set: Intervals repeat each set twice, 0.5 mile @ 9:43, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @9:32, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @ 9:21, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @ 9:10, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @ 8:55, recover 0.25 miles, cool down 1 mile
  • Actual – This was the run from hell.  My stomach had been bothering me all day, so I decided to wait until later in the day to run.  The weather here was freezing, 30 degrees with 20 mph wind all day.  When I finally got out to run I tried to hold a steady pace for my 0.5 mile fast runs but I had to walk the 0.25 recovery because my stomach was still giving me issues.  However, I got the entire 10 miles in!!!  10:00, 10:26, 10:36, 10:03, 10:41, 9:56, 10:29, 10:06, 10:09, 9:56

Sunday – Swim 2,000 yards

  • Actual – I actually did this on Saturday because it was so rainy in Chattanooga.  I felt good the entire time.  I actually zoned out and ended up swimming 2300 yards.

All in all I had a good week.  I really wish I could have gotten out to ride Friday because the weather was perfect!!!  I’m looking forward to a rest day next week because I am completely exhausted.

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Base Training Week 3

So, I have finally decided to sign up for Ironman Louisville again.  I was looking at other races but G wants to do this one again so I finally caved.  It makes me a little nervous saying the race name out loud.  HA!

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Run Hill repeats

Workout: (30 min easy warm-up into zone 2, 4×3 min hill repeats with 3 min recovery, then 10 min cool down ending in a walk)

Actual – I did the entire workout.  The hill repeats are getting a little easier.  I am focusing on form and cadence of 180 spm.

Wednesday – Run w/ Strides, mini band drills

Workout: 30 min run with 4x 1 min strides

Actual: I completed the entire workout and the strides were completed on a slight hill as requested.  I enjoyed this workout, since I am focusing so much on keeping a cadence of 180 spm it felt great lengthening my stride to see what I had during just one minute intervals.  Mini band drills hurt like heck!!!  Then on the last set of planks I kept wanting to fall over.

Thursday – Swim – then celebrate my papaw’s 87th Birthday

Workout – Dry land warm up drills, then swim 1950 yards.

Actual – My arms were still sore from yesterday’s plank sets.  I did both the dry land drills and then swam 1950 yards.  During this swim we had a 5×100 yard swim test.  My times were: 1:31, 1:31, 1:32, 1:31, 1:31.  Very happy that each 100 was consistent and I pushed hard on all 5 of these 100’s.


Family celebrating my papaw.

Friday – Run Track Test

Workout – I had to start off with cadence drills and then do the 1 mile track test.

Actual – This 1 mile track test is not just a mile….You first warm up 1 mile, then do a mile of surges (200 surge, 200 recover), then 1 mile time trial, followed by 1 mile speed work (200 speed, 200 recover).  Then finally 1/2 mile cool down.  Talk about being worn out!


Hardcore training, when you tie yourself to a flag pole to do cadence drills.

Saturday – Bike 1:30, Abs

Workout – Freestyle ride – zone 2-3 with surges and standing climbs if you feel like it

Actual – It was a great day for a bike ride, crisp air and the leaves are finally changing colors.  My calves were a little tight on this ride from the track workout the day before.  We did one standing climb up Snodgrass pretty early in the ride.  After that we just stayed in the park.  I spent the majority of the ride in zones 1-3, which was the goal.  Slow ride time:  14.6mph

As far as the ab work goes…..All pretty standard, but I cannot do those box jumps.  I’m just to chicken.

Sunday – Run 40 min

Workout – Warm up for 20 minutes building to zone 3.  Then run 15 minutes in mid-zone 3.  Finish with a 5 min cool down.

Actual – I ended up doing a trail run.  I warmed up for 20 minutes trying to stay in zone 2.  I set my watch during the 15 min zone 3 run to beep at me when I went over.  It seemed to work well.  It was a tough run – I had a lot of ruts, roots, and rocks to dodge so my cadence was all over the place.  I was happy to average a 11:54 min/mile during the 15 minute zone 3 run on the trail.


My happy place.

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Do Not Ever Say Never

So, after 2016 Ironman Louisville I told G and everyone else that I would never do another full Ironman.  Something internally switched off out on the course, I could not ever explain what.  It took my desire, passion, and my soul (yes I know that’s a little too dramatic) from me to ever want to do another long endurance race.

Now, here I am with a years rest from long distance and I’m ready and determined to do it again.  It could be because I am turning 40 this year and I want to prove to myself that age is just a number.  So, what is different this go ’round is that I have actually hired a coach.  I am so happy that I do not have to plan my own workouts anymore, which I have been doing since 2011 for triathlon long distance.  All I have to do is tell her what races I want to do and she comes up with my plan.  Every week when I open up Training Peaks to see the weeks worth of workouts, it’s like it’s Christmas morning.

So, if I have time I am going to start keep a log of my workouts on this blog again….It’s not to bore you, but help me see what kind of progress I have made.

I am back and happy to be training!


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Are You Ready?

For those of you that race – 5K up to an Ironman, people always ask “Are you ready?”  Raise your hand if you ever answer that question with “Yes”!  I never feel totally prepared for a race.  I always ask myself, “Should I have completed another long bike ride?”, “Should I have run 20 miles instead of just 15 miles?”.  So much self-doubt runs through my head.


Last year G and I felt prepared and confident going into Ironman Florida.  We had done the race back in 2013 and completed it with no issues, it was the perfect day!  However Ironman Florida in 2015 was a totally different story.  Florida was experiencing a heat wave in November which did not work in our favor.  G and I both had great swims, but half way through the bike I started to over heat and felt like I was going to pass out.  I waited at special needs for G, so I could tell him I was going to call it a day.  After talking with him, he was feeling bad also, to the point where he was puking in the woods.  So we both had to call it a day.  Our dreams of completing a second Ironman were crushed and our ego’s were bruised (and still are today).  I do know though if we didn’t stop when we did, we both would have suffered a lot more.

So now, when people ask “Are you Ready for Ironman Louisville?” my answer will always be NO!  No matter how many long rides, runs, or swims we have put into our training I will never feel ready because you never know what race day is going to bring. Luckily a guy in the IMKY Facebook group put together a “Doom’s Day” scenario, so if we are able to follow this everything should turn out ok.



So here is to hoping G and I will be able to see this awesome finish line next weekend!


Do you ever feel prepared for a race?

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Week 30 Ironman FL Training

8 weeks till Ironman Florida and this coming weekend 9/27 is IM 70.3 Augusta!!

This week was a whirlwind from workouts, work, and wedding showers I think it is safe to say we are completely exhausted!

Plan – Sprint workout on the bike
Actual – Swim 3200 yards, Bike 18 miles

Since D, my training partner, was going out-of-town Tuesday late morning we decided to throw in a two a day workout just for fun. (?) We met up early Monday morning to get our swim in, which was great. Then after work we met at the Battlefield to do our sprint workout on the bike. Our average looked pretty slow, 14.58mph, but that is because we had a good 5 minute recovery after each sprint. It seems like every sprint D made us start on a hill….but we averaged anywhere from 18.5 – 23mph on our sprints! SCORE!

Plan – Run 7 miles
Actual – Ran 6.6 miles

I had issues with this run, probably just tired legs from Monday night and not sleeping well. I had to cut the run a little short because I had to go into the office and needed to be back to the car by 7am.

Loving this weather!

Loving this weather!

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – Rest Day

D did not get back into town until late Tuesday night, so we decided that Wednesday would be the perfect rest day!

Plan – Swim 2.4 miles
Actual – Swim 2.4 miles

We met up with some friends and swam off of a boat. It was so much fun, and we are so thankful that this person takes the time to take people out every week. The current was flowing pretty well I swam 2.4 miles in 39 minutes.

Loving the views while we made our way to the IM Chattanooga swim start.

Loving the views while we made our way to the IM Chattanooga swim start.

The aquariums...

The aquariums…

Me, Betty, D, and April having fun on the boat.

Me, Betty, D, and April having fun on the boat.

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – Rest Day

I took off work today to get things ready for my cousin’s wedding shower on Saturday. It is a good thing I took off because we worked non-stop on Friday!

Making cookies, more cookies, wrapping forks,  etc.

Making cookies, more cookies, wrapping forks, etc.

Taking care of the left over icing.

Taking care of the left over icing.

Plan – Wedding Shower
Actual – Wedding Shower

The wedding shower went off without a hitch! Everything looked great and I do believe everyone enjoyed the food and especially the gorgeous cake we had. I am so happy for my cousin Ryan and his bride-to-be!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

The best looking cake I have ever seen (that wasn't superhero related)

The best looking cake I have ever seen (that wasn’t superhero related)

Plan – Brick ride 30/run 5
Actual – Rode 30 and ran 4.25

G and I went down to Melissa’s to get this brick in. We are “tapering” for Augusta next weekend, so we kept the workout short and sweet. The Walker County Fair was going on down from Melissa’s house so we had to stop and take some pictures and look around, which was a nice change of pace. I cut my run a little short because (1) I was tired and (2) I did not eat dinner the night before, so this workout was a struggle the entire time.

image1 (6)

image4 (3)

image3 (4)

Melissa and I on the run.

Melissa and I on the run.

What do you do about your workouts when life gets busy?

Trying to keep this one happy in the middle of it all.

Trying to keep this one happy in the middle of it all.

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Week 29 – Ironman FL Training

9 weeks until the big race!!  Augusta 70.3 is less than 2 weeks away!!!

This week seems a little light compared to the previous weeks, which I am ok with.  This go around we are using the Triathlon Geek training plan, so far this has worked out great with our lifestyle.  We usually have just one workout a day, unlike the previous training plan we used in 2013.  On the older plan we usually had two workouts a day which was hard to get in and we always seemed to be on edge with one another.

Anyway, on tap this week…..

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – 4 hour ride

We decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and get our Sunday bike ride in on Monday.  We started the ride around 7:40 am because (1) the sun doesn’t come up until 7:30 now and (2) we were waiting on some fog to burn off.  It started out kind of cool, but once we started riding it warmed up pretty quick.

D had a 100 mile ride to do, so we stuck around with her until we finished up our 4 hours.  We got in around 62 miles, which I am ok with considering we rode 100 on Saturday with about 3800 ft of climbing on top of Monday’s 1900 ft elevation.  At one point during our ride, we ran into a lady riding a horse and I think D trying to swap her bike for the horse. 🙂

Plan – 8 mile run with hill repeats
Actual – 8 mile run w/ hill repeats

Tuesday night was so warm, I am very surprised that we ran the entire 8 miles.  My pace was still slow, but I will take slow since we are running on tired legs.  I felt great throughout the run, even though I was sweating like crazy 90+ degrees I knew thought once about quitting.  So, I take that as a win.

Plan – 4000 yard swim
Actual -4,450 yard swim

Not sure how that happened….I apparently was not paying attention to my Garmin.  I enjoyed being able to break this swim up into workout sets.  Here lately we have been swimming a lot of 800’s so, I welcomed the 150’s and 200’s!  Afterwards, D and I went to Chili’s to eat which was yummy.  I think we were both starving because once our food was set on the table neither one of us spoke.

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – Rest Day

Plan – Timed Swim
Actual – Rest Day

My shoulder was pretty sore from Wednesday nights swim, so I thought it would be best to sit this swim out.  No reason to push it when you have a race in two weeks.

Plan – 15-20 mile run
Actual – 15 mile run….It felt so good not to be on the bike for 6+ hours!!!

G and I met, D, Melissa (and her brother), and Kristie out at the Battlefield to get our run in.


We opted for the 15 miles because we have not run over 10 miles since April.  In the end I am very glad we did just 15 because my quads were getting really sore and my pace was starting to get slower and slower.  I loved running with these ladies – they made time fly by!!!  I never thought I would say, I enjoyed running the entire 15 miles,, loving this fall weather.

Sporting the most comfortable top ever!

Sporting the most comfortable top ever!

Loving my Altra's

Loving my Altra’s

After G and I recovered we went down to my family’s house so the pup could swim. 🙂  She needed to get her exercise in for the day as well.  After about an hour of non-stop throwing her toy in the pool we were finally ready to head back home and crash for the night.

image3 (3)

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – Rest Day

I was able to hang out with my little sis finally.  We had some running around to do, ahem, shopping.  We met up with D for a while at the mall.  Then the little sis and I went to Target and a couple of other fun stores and ended up meeting G for dinner.

Having fun dressing up in onies with my sister.

Having fun dressing up in onies with my sister.

What is your favorite time of year?  Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

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Week 28…10 weeks until IMFL

Yep, I am back to hopefully recording workouts and how they went.  So, if you do not want to read about that….then go ahead and close out of this otherwise – continue on.

Plan: Run 8 miles
Actual: Run 8 miles
I felt pretty good on the run, I seem to be getting slower. I hope that means I am just running on tired legs.

Plan: Swim 3600 yards
Actual: Rest Day
Work was really stressful and I just had a lot going on, so decided to push the swim to Wednesday morning.

Plan: Swim 4000 yards
Actual: Did Tuesday’s workout of 3600 yards, time 1:14  (pushing this swim to Thursday am)
The swim workout felt great! It was able to find a rhythm early and it always helps having my waterproof ipod for music.  I will not lie though, I was totally worn out for the rest of the day!

Plan: Swim 4000 yards a.m., brick in the p.m. (1 hr ride/5 mile run)
Actual: 1 hour ride

Still did not get the swim in, which is fine because my shoulder was a little sore and I needed to sleep.  The hour-long ride was good, tried to push is some but not too much since we have such a long ride on Saturday.  We ended up not running because (1) it was just too hot and (2) everyone was too hungry.

Plan: Rest Day
Actual: Rest Day

For the past couple of Fridays, I’ve been trying to make a sweet treat for the weekend.  Usually after our workouts we go hangout with family.  So this week I made a triple chocolate poke cake….it was sooo good!

image5 (1)

Plan: 100 mile ride followed by a 30 min run
Actual: 100 mile ride

We rode out from a friend’s house that actually lives on the Ironman Chattanooga course, if you are racing this month it is called Savage River Kennels (right before to steady hill climb before you have to turn on Hog Jowl).


Savage River Kennel out on West Cove Road.

I love riding out in the Mountain Cove Farm area, the only downside is that there is pretty much no shade.  However, early that morning it was nice and foggy.

Best place to ride.

Best place to ride.

It was in the mid-90’s and full sun on Saturday, so I would say the ride was a suffer fest.

My view most of the day.

My view most of the day.

Glad we had a couple of stops on our route because we keep running out of fluids!!


Gas station at the corner of 136 and 193. Very nice owners!

Luckily we had quite a few others to share the experience with, so that helped some.

Fun group - this was after the first 45 miles.

Fun group – this was after the first 45 miles.

The ones that stuck around to do 100 miles.

The ones that stuck around to do 100 miles.

Oh and congratulations Melissa on your first 100 mile bike ride!!  You are going to rock IMFL!

Melissa coming down to finish her first 100 miler!

Melissa coming down to finish her first 100 miler!

Plan: Rest Day
Actual: Rest Day

G and I ran a lot of errands, then cleaned up bikes and bottles!

image4 (1)

Hope everyone had a great week and a fun Labor Day!


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The Countdown is on…..

The countdown is on for the Ironman Augusta 70.3.  We are 23 days (and some change) away and I could not be more excited about it.


Speaking of, countdowns we are 64 days (and some change) away from Ironman Florida!


So, what’s been going on in our world?  Training, training, and more training.  When signing up for a full Ironman one must realize that it becomes your life.  You will not find a lot of extra time for anything else, because if you are not swimming, biking, or running, you are trying to catch up on all your daily house chores.

You always have goggle eyes.....

You always have goggle eyes…..

Your living room has bikes set up to ride.

Your living room has bikes set up to ride.

Sometimes, you are just too tired to change out of your work clothes before bed.

Sometimes, you are just too tired to change out of your work clothes to relax.

However, I very thankful for all the friends I can lean on and keep me company during swimming, riding, and running.  Without them being as crazy as us, this would be nearly impossible.

The Girls.....

The Girls…..

The one I can always count on.

The one I can always count on.

The best scenery!

The best scenery!

A great group of people!

A great group of people!

Do you have friends that keep you going?

(Thanks for all the group pics Melissa and Dale!)

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