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Chattanooga Half Marathon

I’ve been wanting to participate in this event ever since it came into existence, which was last year.  Luckily timing worked out perfectly this year, so I was super stoked about getting to run in it.  However I knew it was going to be a tough race to swallow because I am currently attempting to Heart Rate Zone train and coach said to run this in Zone 2 the entire time…..which is sooooo slow…..So, needless to say it was my slowest half marathon ever and I am trying to be ok with that. 🙂

So about the race……Friday night they have a “Start the weekend off right” with a party and live music!  Saturday they have a 5K and kids race.  Then Sunday is when the half marathon and marathon take place.  Basically it’s a weekend family event, which is totally cool for people coming to town for this race.


Start of the 5K Race

The 5K race is a very fast and flat race, so I have heard.  The marathon, half marathon is a point to point race with some good flats/downhills and some pretty good uphills!  You park at the finish line and they shuttle you to the start.

I love the start location of the main event, at the corner of Board and Aquarium Way.


They had the presentation of colors and the Star Spangled Banner was played on an electric guitar by Sugarland’s Thad Beaty, which was pretty cool.


I love the first 1.5 miles is right downtown, so you know it’s flat!  After you make a turn on 20th street you end up running by the river for a while and then up onto Amnicola Hwy for a bit, then you start towards the UTC campus.  People, this is not an easy course, but it is not the hardest either…. There are a couple of tough hills, especially one dubbed “cardiac hill” which is around the UTC campus.  I saw a couple of people walking up that hill backwards!

Like I said, this was going to be a very slow run for me so it was all uneventful.  I really did love this course, I loved how it took you through Chattanooga’s history.  Running through the UTC campus, by the National Cemetery, through Chattanooga’s first subdivision, then Southside.  I cannot wait to do this again next year!


For all of you “Bling” people….here is the medal 🙂


Oh and a total surprise, was Dave Ragsdale was the announcer.  For those of you that do Ironman, he is one of their finish line announcers!


Dave Ragsdale

The Pros:

  • Great Expo
  • FREE RACE PICTURES!!!  (Even though you have logos on them, that’s pretty rad!)
  • The course
  • The medal (river/bldg in a running shoe shape)
  • The announcer!!
  • Meal tickets, so you can choose which Food Truck you want to eat from!

The Cons:

  • Nothing that I can think of……

Start line before we dropped some jackets/long sleeves at bag drop.

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Glass Fusion 103

So, here is what the glass fusion 102 vase turned out like…..pretty neat.  Now it is sitting up on a bookcase at home.


I’m finally taking a breath in order to hurry and talk about the last Glass Fusion class Trish and I went to at Fired Up Fused Glass.  I think by far this was my favorite class!!  We picked our platter glass color and then came up with a design using glass powder, which was pretty cool.


When working with powders you have to wear some very fashionable masks!


Trish and I rocking our masks.

This time I went with a black base and my “inspiration” (if you can call it that) was the cosmic outer space.


Looks pretty cool, right???  Even though I was totally out of my comfort zone for three weeks doing this, I loved learning about all the different techniques and how much work was involved in making fused glass pieces.

If you ever want to try it out, you must sign up for a class with Mary Jane at Fired Up Fused Glass, which  is located downtown Chattanooga, TN right across from the YMCA.  Click here for the latest class schedule.

Until Next Time…….

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Up Next……


Chattanooga, TN is hosting the USA Cycling National Championships this weekend!  I am so excited – Saturday will be the time trials and Monday will be the race.  I will be volunteering Saturday during the time trials as a female athlete escort.  I am not allowed to take pictures during my volunteer time, but I hope to get there early and take some before my shift starts.


Then Monday – the Chattanooga Tri Club will be doing their annual Memorial Day swim across the lake, so we will be participating in that (3 miles total swim). Afterwards we are hoping to go downtown eat and watch some of the race. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Karen Lawrence Race Report

Well, a spur of a moment decision I decided to run in the 4.2 mile Karen Lawrence run in downtown Chattanooga.  The race always attracts a lot of people (1) because it is a great way to ring in the new year and (2) the race benefits St. Jude.  The 4.2 mile race started at 5:30, so G couldn’t make it and D already had plans.  Luckily I ran into IM Dave, IM Billy, Rebecca, Whitney, Cyndi, and Heather!  I did not really have any goals in this race other than to finish because I have been battling sinus issues since Thursday.

Race Start

Race Start

It seems like every year the course changes, so when I saw the route my heart rate spiked and I don’t think it ever really came down.  We started outside the Sports Barn and run up 3rd street, then left onto Walnut across the  bridge, down Tremont – then turned around and went back the  way we came.  We did this loop twice!

Elevation Chart

Elevation Chart

The course ended up being a little long, or I just didn’t run the tangents.   My Garmin read 4.4 miles with an overall time of 38:59, which is a 8:55 min/mile pace.  Finally I broke the 9:00 min/mile barrier, which I totally regretted later – my abs and calves were killing me.  I did have to stop and walk for about 30 seconds three times because my throat was killing me and I couldn’t swallow.

The Splits: AG F35-39 12th/21  Overall  165/315

Mile 1 – 8:46
Mile 2 – 8:59
Mile 3 – 9:00
Mile 4 – 9:05
Mile 0.4 – 8:22

Overall – this is a great race to end the year or to start the new year off right.  🙂  The race shirt was a long sleeve tech with a small race emblem on the front, which is awesome!  I missed not having G or D there, but very glad I ran into some friends.  Also I never saw any water  on the course and I could have used some.  After I crossed the finish line I never saw any food or drinks – maybe I just wasn’t looking around enough.  I was in a hurry to get showered and out of there in time for dinner and games with some great friends.


34th Annual Karen Lawrence

Hope everyone had a wonderful night in ringing in the New Year!!!  Welcome 2013, it’s going to be a great year.

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