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Irish Soles 5K

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day….run a 5K.

This was a pretty low-key race, that had a nice long sleeve shirt for each participant.  I will say, that the course was fantastic!  It was an out and back with one good hill, so a total of two hills.  G and I did not expect too much on time because we have not been training at all.  The only thing I wanted to do was break 30 minutes, which honestly I did not think I could do.

Photos by: Jane Webb


Me: 4 out of 9 in AG, time: 29:53, pace: 9:37

G: 6 out of 11 in AG, time: 27:31, pace: 8:52

We were both pretty happy with the results and wondered what we could do if we really trained……

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Chattanooga Half Marathon

I’ve been wanting to participate in this event ever since it came into existence, which was last year.  Luckily timing worked out perfectly this year, so I was super stoked about getting to run in it.  However I knew it was going to be a tough race to swallow because I am currently attempting to Heart Rate Zone train and coach said to run this in Zone 2 the entire time…..which is sooooo slow…..So, needless to say it was my slowest half marathon ever and I am trying to be ok with that. 🙂

So about the race……Friday night they have a “Start the weekend off right” with a party and live music!  Saturday they have a 5K and kids race.  Then Sunday is when the half marathon and marathon take place.  Basically it’s a weekend family event, which is totally cool for people coming to town for this race.


Start of the 5K Race

The 5K race is a very fast and flat race, so I have heard.  The marathon, half marathon is a point to point race with some good flats/downhills and some pretty good uphills!  You park at the finish line and they shuttle you to the start.

I love the start location of the main event, at the corner of Board and Aquarium Way.


They had the presentation of colors and the Star Spangled Banner was played on an electric guitar by Sugarland’s Thad Beaty, which was pretty cool.


I love the first 1.5 miles is right downtown, so you know it’s flat!  After you make a turn on 20th street you end up running by the river for a while and then up onto Amnicola Hwy for a bit, then you start towards the UTC campus.  People, this is not an easy course, but it is not the hardest either…. There are a couple of tough hills, especially one dubbed “cardiac hill” which is around the UTC campus.  I saw a couple of people walking up that hill backwards!

Like I said, this was going to be a very slow run for me so it was all uneventful.  I really did love this course, I loved how it took you through Chattanooga’s history.  Running through the UTC campus, by the National Cemetery, through Chattanooga’s first subdivision, then Southside.  I cannot wait to do this again next year!


For all of you “Bling” people….here is the medal 🙂


Oh and a total surprise, was Dave Ragsdale was the announcer.  For those of you that do Ironman, he is one of their finish line announcers!


Dave Ragsdale

The Pros:

  • Great Expo
  • FREE RACE PICTURES!!!  (Even though you have logos on them, that’s pretty rad!)
  • The course
  • The medal (river/bldg in a running shoe shape)
  • The announcer!!
  • Meal tickets, so you can choose which Food Truck you want to eat from!

The Cons:

  • Nothing that I can think of……

Start line before we dropped some jackets/long sleeves at bag drop.

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Looking Ahead in 2017

I find it rather strange that prior to the end of 2016, you need to almost have your “main” race schedule planned for 2017.  Does anyone else do this?  Anyway, G and I have decided to take a year off of the full 140.6 Ironman distance and focus on trying to find balance in our lives.  Do not get me wrong, we have already signed up for a couple of half marathons, an Olympic distance triathlon, and a 70.3 Ironman event.  HA!

A couple of items worth mentioning for 2017.  (1) I am now an RRCA certified running coach (along with some other awesome Chattanooga Track Club Members)  I’m not sure what I am going to do with this yet, but I am very happy to have a lot more knowledge in running and now I am more confident in the questions I answer for friends.


(2) I joined an online Tri Club, called SBM & TriFecta Club.  This triathlon club was put together by Swim Bike Mom.  I am super excited about this club because of all the amazing discounts, giveaways, and knowing that anything SBM puts together is going to be awesome!!  Which you can join this now and save $30 with “nothingbutlove” code!  It is worth it just for the discounts!!!  Learn more at



(3) Last but not least, I am the Vice President of Communications for the Chattanooga Track Club.  I’m super excited about this but also a little nervous….there is a lot expected of me and I do not want to disappoint the President, who is also a great friend of mine.

Jan 2017 Chattanooga Track Club Board Retreat

Jan 2017 Chattanooga Track Club Board Retreat


So what do you see when you look ahead of 2017??

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Week 29 – Ironman FL Training

9 weeks until the big race!!  Augusta 70.3 is less than 2 weeks away!!!

This week seems a little light compared to the previous weeks, which I am ok with.  This go around we are using the Triathlon Geek training plan, so far this has worked out great with our lifestyle.  We usually have just one workout a day, unlike the previous training plan we used in 2013.  On the older plan we usually had two workouts a day which was hard to get in and we always seemed to be on edge with one another.

Anyway, on tap this week…..

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – 4 hour ride

We decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and get our Sunday bike ride in on Monday.  We started the ride around 7:40 am because (1) the sun doesn’t come up until 7:30 now and (2) we were waiting on some fog to burn off.  It started out kind of cool, but once we started riding it warmed up pretty quick.

D had a 100 mile ride to do, so we stuck around with her until we finished up our 4 hours.  We got in around 62 miles, which I am ok with considering we rode 100 on Saturday with about 3800 ft of climbing on top of Monday’s 1900 ft elevation.  At one point during our ride, we ran into a lady riding a horse and I think D trying to swap her bike for the horse. 🙂

Plan – 8 mile run with hill repeats
Actual – 8 mile run w/ hill repeats

Tuesday night was so warm, I am very surprised that we ran the entire 8 miles.  My pace was still slow, but I will take slow since we are running on tired legs.  I felt great throughout the run, even though I was sweating like crazy 90+ degrees I knew thought once about quitting.  So, I take that as a win.

Plan – 4000 yard swim
Actual -4,450 yard swim

Not sure how that happened….I apparently was not paying attention to my Garmin.  I enjoyed being able to break this swim up into workout sets.  Here lately we have been swimming a lot of 800’s so, I welcomed the 150’s and 200’s!  Afterwards, D and I went to Chili’s to eat which was yummy.  I think we were both starving because once our food was set on the table neither one of us spoke.

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – Rest Day

Plan – Timed Swim
Actual – Rest Day

My shoulder was pretty sore from Wednesday nights swim, so I thought it would be best to sit this swim out.  No reason to push it when you have a race in two weeks.

Plan – 15-20 mile run
Actual – 15 mile run….It felt so good not to be on the bike for 6+ hours!!!

G and I met, D, Melissa (and her brother), and Kristie out at the Battlefield to get our run in.


We opted for the 15 miles because we have not run over 10 miles since April.  In the end I am very glad we did just 15 because my quads were getting really sore and my pace was starting to get slower and slower.  I loved running with these ladies – they made time fly by!!!  I never thought I would say, I enjoyed running the entire 15 miles,, loving this fall weather.

Sporting the most comfortable top ever!

Sporting the most comfortable top ever!

Loving my Altra's

Loving my Altra’s

After G and I recovered we went down to my family’s house so the pup could swim. 🙂  She needed to get her exercise in for the day as well.  After about an hour of non-stop throwing her toy in the pool we were finally ready to head back home and crash for the night.

image3 (3)

Plan – Rest Day
Actual – Rest Day

I was able to hang out with my little sis finally.  We had some running around to do, ahem, shopping.  We met up with D for a while at the mall.  Then the little sis and I went to Target and a couple of other fun stores and ended up meeting G for dinner.

Having fun dressing up in onies with my sister.

Having fun dressing up in onies with my sister.

What is your favorite time of year?  Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

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The Countdown is on…..

The countdown is on for the Ironman Augusta 70.3.  We are 23 days (and some change) away and I could not be more excited about it.


Speaking of, countdowns we are 64 days (and some change) away from Ironman Florida!


So, what’s been going on in our world?  Training, training, and more training.  When signing up for a full Ironman one must realize that it becomes your life.  You will not find a lot of extra time for anything else, because if you are not swimming, biking, or running, you are trying to catch up on all your daily house chores.

You always have goggle eyes.....

You always have goggle eyes…..

Your living room has bikes set up to ride.

Your living room has bikes set up to ride.

Sometimes, you are just too tired to change out of your work clothes before bed.

Sometimes, you are just too tired to change out of your work clothes to relax.

However, I very thankful for all the friends I can lean on and keep me company during swimming, riding, and running.  Without them being as crazy as us, this would be nearly impossible.

The Girls.....

The Girls…..

The one I can always count on.

The one I can always count on.

The best scenery!

The best scenery!

A great group of people!

A great group of people!

Do you have friends that keep you going?

(Thanks for all the group pics Melissa and Dale!)

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Week 7 – Ironman Training

31 weeks left until Ironman Florida and only 25 weeks until Ironman Augusta 70.3

Our first triathlon coming up is in less than a month now.  The training partner somehow talked me into signing us up for the Guntersville Olympic Distance race on May 2nd.  However before that we have to worry about our half marathon, Run at the Mill, this Saturday, which I talked the training partner into.


  • Plan – Turbo Sprint Bike Trainer, PT
  • Actual – Turbo Sprint Bike Trainer, PT

I was given great news at PT, they told me that I did not need the full 6 weeks and that Wednesday will be my last day!  After I got home, ate and let my stomach settle I joined G on the bike trainer.  Thank goodness we only have one more turbo sprint workout after this one!  These things are killers… have to go >100 rpm’s starting at 1 minute, up to 4 minutes and then back down the ladder.  Average speed on sprints was above 25mph (barely).


  • Plan – Run and Core
  • Actual – Run and Core

This was schedule to be a build run, however I haven’t been KT taping my knee so it started giving me problems about 30 minutes into the run.  Plus, my training partner started having some issues.  So we decided to run when we could and walk when we had to.  Which was fine with me knowing that we have a half marathon on Saturday.  After we made it back to the car, we did some core work.  Then of course, went to eat some BBQ…got to have that recovery food, right??


  • Plan – Body Pump, PT
  • Actual – PT

I did not sleep at all Tuesday night and I was awake from about 2-4 trying to get rid of a migraine.  So, instead of being miserable all day, I decided to skip Body Pump and sleep two more hours before I had to head to work.  Headed to PT to do the last of my exercises with the Incredible Robbie.  He told me that I could start easing back into everything but I would need to do some of the exercises he taught me from now on.  Such a happy day – the training partner came to PT with me and brought everyone donuts to celebrate.

The last PT exercise!

The last PT exercise!


  • Plan – Swim 1600 yards, Walk/Run w/ mom
  • Actual – Swim 1500 yards, walk/run with mom

G actually went with me to the pool this morning.  If he keeps training like this, there is no way I will beat him this year.  Anyway, we had to cut our swim workout a little short this morning just because the pool was packed and by the time we got a lane we had to make the most of our workout.

Great walk with my mom.

Great walk with my mom.

The pup came along with us also.

The pup came along with us also.


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

It was nice to take it easy before the race on Saturday.  I did get the new Chattanooga Tri Race Kit in the mail today, so that was exciting!  Looking forward to another race season.

The new race kit!

The new race kit!


  • Plan – Half Marathon, then swim-bike brick
  • Actual – Half Marathon

One word – OUCH!!!  After running the half marathon there was no way we could do a brick swim-bike workout.  There were so many hills my hips were aching, which has never happened before.  Also, G’s calf was really hurting him.  This was the Run at the Mill (Run for God series) half marathon.  It was a great race and I will post more about it later.

After G and I recovered we went to Lowe’s to purchase more landscaping items for the family farm.  After we finished with that we had some friends over for dinner and games.  It was a great day and I am so glad we skipped out on the swim/bike.

Sunday – 

  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Work Day

Feeling just a little sore we got up and headed down to the family farm to do more landscaping work.  I think we are about finished, all that is left is putting in some bushes in the front.

Do you skip workouts when you are too tired or sore?

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Week 1 of Ironman Training

Ironman training is going to last 37 weeks, so you see now what most of my weekly posts will be about…..


  • Plan – Bike trainer ride – 50 minutes
  • Actual – Bike trainer ride – 50 minutes

I never look forward to riding the bike trainer, but tonight was not that bad.  I watched a Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show on Hulu and 50 minutes seemed to fly by.  He is so funny……


  • Plan – Swim and Track Workout
  • Actual – Swim 2000 yards and 3.7 mile Track Workout

The swim workout went well.  My right shoulder is still giving me a little bit of a problem, so I am going to see a doctor about it on Thursday to make sure nothing is torn.  It bothered me for a while during IMFL training in 2014, so I need to make sure I am not going to damage anything.  The track workout is evil while it was going on, but it felt great at the end of it.  It felt great getting back outside to run……I am tired of rainy, windy, freezing weather.


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

The husband was out-of-town working, so it was nice to take a night off.  Then it started snowing and in the south we do not get much of the white stuff.  So, around 8pm we had about 4-5 inches….that called for me and the pup to go play in it.


  • Plan – Swim and Run
  • Actual – Rest Day

Since the weather was so bad that morning and we had about 8-9 inches of snow then the YMCA was closed.  However the pup and I had more fun in the snow!!  Here Reagan was standing under a tree, so you cannot really see how deep it was on her.

She enjoyed the snow Thursday morning.

She enjoyed the snow Thursday morning.


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

I probably should have made up a swim today, but I was leaving work early to go volunteer at packet pickup for the Scenic City Half Marathon.  D (the best training partner you could ask for) and I handed out race bibs for about 2.5 hours Friday night.  After about an hour and a half the numbers started running together.

Me and my training buddy.

Me and my great training partner.


  • Plan – Trainer Ride for 1 hour, then run for 40 min
  • Actual – Trainer Ride for 1 hour and ran for 40 min

We are hoping that this is the last “Trainer Fest” ride of the year.  I think everyone is itching to go outside and ride.  Luckily we have a friend that has a warehouse where we all meet up and suffer together.  You cannot tell in the picture, but everyone was in a circle so we could talk.

Trainer Fest

Trainer Fest


  • Plan – Hike 4 miles
  • Actual – Hike 5 miles

We have been trying to take the pup for hikes in the Chickamauga Battlefield every Sunday.  This week we were joined by one of the husband’s friends and my mother.  It was fun because everyone was walking a dog and it started raining about 1.5 miles into the hike but we kept going.  By the end of the night the pup was toast.

Sleepy puppy.

Sleepy puppy.

What do you do when the weather messes up your workout schedule?

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The Waterfront Triathlon

I would say this is probably the hardest Olympic distance in TN, I am sure there are harder ones but really this one is TOUGH!  However, I did not participate as an athlete this year because I had only been running for 2 weeks and felt like pushing myself on the run would not be a wise move.  Good thing I decided not to sign up because this event became a Dualathon. 

The week before Chattanooga, TN received some very heavy rain – actually I think it was about 5 days straight.  With that the swim was cancelled because the current was unsafe and the start area was flooded.

Where the swimmers would normally wait to start their swim.

Where the swimmers would normally wait to start their swim.

Here are just a couple of other pictures of the actual river.


You can barely see the set of stairs where the swimmers would exit the river.

You can barely see the set of stairs where the swimmers would exit the river.

All day it looked like it was going to rain, which was nice for the racers because they had cloud cover the entire day!  Usually it feels like you are on the face of the sun!

Here are a couple of pics of the race……

The Finish Line!

The Finish Line!

Jane, Tammy, and myself volunteering at the finish line.

Jane, Tammy, and myself volunteering at the finish line.

D coming back in on the bike.

D coming back in on the bike.

There is a lot of rolling hills on this course.

There is a lot of rolling hills on this course.

Coming back from run #1.

Racers heading towards the finish line!

Tammy handing out medals.

Tammy handing out medals.

The Bling

The Bling

Jane and I worn out at the end.

Jane and I worn out at the end.

A special thanks to Whitney Allison for taking some great pictures Sunday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Chattanooga Track Club

Why I love being part of the Chattanooga Track Club……

Last night I received this email from the President of the club — he stated that the club will be offering free entry to the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon to all particpates that had signed up for the New York City Marathon.  Then on top of that – he stated that the Track Club will donate $$ for every person that takes advantage of this offer. 

Chattanooga Track Club
P.O. Box 11241
Chattanooga , TN 37401
Press Release
Contact: Chas Webb, President
Date: November 4, 2012
The Chattanooga Track Club offers entry to 2012 New York City Marathoners
Chattanooga, TN –”The Chattanooga Track Club is offering a free entry to the 33rd Annual Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon for anybody who registered for the 2012 New York City Marathon. Due to the recent events of Hurricane Sandy the New York Road Runners Club had to cancel it’s annual New York Marathon. The Chattanooga Track Club sympathizes with those who were affected by this tragic event and would like to extend an offer to those who could not run in the event. Entries will be on a first come first serve basis until the race is filled up. The amount of entries are limited, so participants are urged to sign up quickly. The cutoff time to submit a response will be Wednesday, November 6 at 6pm. To be eligible for a free entry participants must show proof of registration to the New York City Marathon and a photo I.D and submit to the race directors of the race. Free entry participants will also need to complete a registration. That form many be obtained by emailing the race director at For every person participant that gets a free entry, the Chattanooga Track Club will donate $20 to the American Red Cross, to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

The 33rd Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon is presented by the Chattanooga Track Club in partnership with the Fort Oglethorpe Tourism Association

About the Chattanooga Track Club
The Chattanooga Track Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stimulating interest in running and fitness for all ages and to promoting wellness through these activities. The club encourages anyone with similar interests to become a member and support our goals. No special qualifications, other than an interest in running and fitness, are required. Members can choose their own level of involvement: participant, volunteer, or sponsor. Everyone, from serious competitor to the casual walker, is welcome.

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Waterfront Triathlon – 2012

Well just like last year – the day of the Waterfront Triathlon it was really hot with no cloud in the sky.  I cannot complain too much though because the past two weekends before it was in the 100’s and Sunday it was only in the 90’s.

The short version – I beat my time by 10 minutes when you compare it back from last year, improving in every leg!!!

The Long version:

Morning of the race…so peaceful and pretty!

The morning of the event I arrived around 6am to set up my transition area.  Everyone had assigned racks however you could pick where you wanted to be on the rack – I wanted to make sure I got the end spot!  After setting up I found D and Missi, then ran into Barry, Jeanniee and Michelle.  We talked for a bit and took a couple of pictures before D, Missi, and I headed up to the swim start.

Heading to transition….I look like I am 12 years old here. 🙂

me and Jeanniee

Michelle, D, Jeanniee, me, and Missi

Once at Scrappy Field we quickly ran into Reggie, Dave, and Cyndi.  The race was supposed to start at 7:30, but they were running about 10 minutes late.  (Ate a honey waffle stinger about 30 minutes prior to my swim.)  The swim was a time trial start one swimmer every 3 seconds and I was number 643 – so I had about 30 minutes before I got in the water.  Since it was Sunday morning there was absolutely NO CURRENT.  However, I got into a groove and just started swimming along.  I think this was the first triathlon swim I really enjoyed!  No one kicked me, grabbed my feet, or ran over me…SCORE!  I passed a lot of people and everyone had so much room to swim it was absolutely wonderful.  🙂  Oh also, they had “catchers” at the end of the swim – so I threw both arms out and they grab them and pull you to the steps.

Swim Time: 26:53  (1:38/100 yard) 

Finished the swim about to run up to T1.
Thanks for the photo Whitney!

Looks like Whitney snagged a picture of Dave coming out of the water too!! Thanks girl 🙂

The bike was uneventful again this year, which I am very thankful for!  You come straight out of T1 and ride up a small hill, then another steeper small hill, then the on-ramp for the highway.  I don’t know why, but I totally forgot about the 1.5 mile hill once you pass the Signal Mtn exit.  Once you get passed that you have a lot of rollers, but some really good downhills thrown in.  It felt like I made it to the turn around in no time…I love just a 26 mile bike ride. 🙂  I looked down and I averaged about 17.3mph the first half – but wait a minute…..once I made the turn around I hit a headwind!  Oh no!!  I battled this stinking headwind all the way back and with the sun beating down on my back – at one point I was thinking, “Why am I doing this? “I hate triathlons!” “I just want to quit”.  The downhills, where one should have reached over 30mph, I was in my biggest gear pedaling just to get my speed up to 27mph.  All in all, it was still a good ride and I beat my time from last year.  I took in two bottles of fluid and 1 gu.

Bike Time: 1:37:45  (avg. 16mph)   (Wish I didn’t have the headwind, so my average could have been higher.) 

Once you come out of T2, you hit “the hill”.  Luckily I live in Chattanooga, so I have been doing a little training on it. 🙂  The week of the event D and I ran the course and I decided to run just halfway up the hill and then walk the rest of the way in order to save some energy for the stairs coming up and then the Battery Place hill on the way back.  Other than the steps and the two hills this is a really flat course all along the Riverwalk.  Basically I ran until my stomach did not want to cooperate and then I walked.  I think I took in a little too much liquid on the bike because everything was sloshing around.  So, for the rest of the time I did a run/walk.  Since it was so hot they had an aid station every mile stocked with really cold water, powerade, and ice.  Oh and they also had ice-cold towels on the course – these saved my life.  I wish I could have run the entire time, it’s not that I was tired or my legs were tired – it was a stomach thing. 😦

Run Time: 1:22:03  (13:12/mile)   Yeah-Yeah, I know it was really slow and I am embarrassed to admit it.

About to cross the finish line, I had a huge nasty blister on my foot – starting to really hurt!

D coming down the hill – love the background!

Overall Time: 3:35:43        I would have liked for it to be at most 3:30, but I’ll take a 10 minute improvement over last year!

As soon as I crossed the finish line I said, “I will NEVER do this event again”.  However after about 30 minutes Gary talked about wanting to do it next year and I was ready to sign up again.  🙂  What makes this race — of course I have to say the volunteers!  They all signed up to stand out in 90+ degrees to take care of all of us….so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! 

This is a very organized event with more than 400 volunteers, so if you are looking for a challenging olympic tri – this one is for you!  Or if not, come out and volunteer next year – they treat the volunteers like rock stars.  The post race food was great – fruit, pizza (HELLO – spinach pizza….YUMMY!), bbq sandwiches, chips, cookies, granola bars, powerade, water, coke products, and beer (if you drink).

Missi and I as soon as I crossed the finish line.

Missi, Tammy and me

Michelle, D, Missi, and me –too sweaty to touch each other!

Me and Gary at the volunteer party Friday night…we helped stuff 1500 race packets!

Thanks for reading!  If you would like to see more photos of the triathlon, you can go to Whitney’s SmugMug page.

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