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2018 Chattanooga Marathon Ambassador

It’s official! I am a 2018 Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon Ambassador! I’m stoked to be training for the Chattanooga Marathon Weekend! If you want to join me March 2-4, 2018 for any distance!!!  Race weekend there will be a 5K on Saturday and the Marathon and Half Marathon will be on Sunday.  Basically the entire family can race!!

You can use code EPETTY and receive 20% off.  If you use it now, you will get the best price!!

I ran this race for the first time last year and loved everything about it!!  I hope you can join me in 2018.

Click on the below link to register or learn more about this race:

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Looking Ahead in 2017

I find it rather strange that prior to the end of 2016, you need to almost have your “main” race schedule planned for 2017.  Does anyone else do this?  Anyway, G and I have decided to take a year off of the full 140.6 Ironman distance and focus on trying to find balance in our lives.  Do not get me wrong, we have already signed up for a couple of half marathons, an Olympic distance triathlon, and a 70.3 Ironman event.  HA!

A couple of items worth mentioning for 2017.  (1) I am now an RRCA certified running coach (along with some other awesome Chattanooga Track Club Members)  I’m not sure what I am going to do with this yet, but I am very happy to have a lot more knowledge in running and now I am more confident in the questions I answer for friends.


(2) I joined an online Tri Club, called SBM & TriFecta Club.  This triathlon club was put together by Swim Bike Mom.  I am super excited about this club because of all the amazing discounts, giveaways, and knowing that anything SBM puts together is going to be awesome!!  Which you can join this now and save $30 with “nothingbutlove” code!  It is worth it just for the discounts!!!  Learn more at



(3) Last but not least, I am the Vice President of Communications for the Chattanooga Track Club.  I’m super excited about this but also a little nervous….there is a lot expected of me and I do not want to disappoint the President, who is also a great friend of mine.

Jan 2017 Chattanooga Track Club Board Retreat

Jan 2017 Chattanooga Track Club Board Retreat


So what do you see when you look ahead of 2017??

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Are You Ready?

For those of you that race – 5K up to an Ironman, people always ask “Are you ready?”  Raise your hand if you ever answer that question with “Yes”!  I never feel totally prepared for a race.  I always ask myself, “Should I have completed another long bike ride?”, “Should I have run 20 miles instead of just 15 miles?”.  So much self-doubt runs through my head.


Last year G and I felt prepared and confident going into Ironman Florida.  We had done the race back in 2013 and completed it with no issues, it was the perfect day!  However Ironman Florida in 2015 was a totally different story.  Florida was experiencing a heat wave in November which did not work in our favor.  G and I both had great swims, but half way through the bike I started to over heat and felt like I was going to pass out.  I waited at special needs for G, so I could tell him I was going to call it a day.  After talking with him, he was feeling bad also, to the point where he was puking in the woods.  So we both had to call it a day.  Our dreams of completing a second Ironman were crushed and our ego’s were bruised (and still are today).  I do know though if we didn’t stop when we did, we both would have suffered a lot more.

So now, when people ask “Are you Ready for Ironman Louisville?” my answer will always be NO!  No matter how many long rides, runs, or swims we have put into our training I will never feel ready because you never know what race day is going to bring. Luckily a guy in the IMKY Facebook group put together a “Doom’s Day” scenario, so if we are able to follow this everything should turn out ok.



So here is to hoping G and I will be able to see this awesome finish line next weekend!


Do you ever feel prepared for a race?

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Long time, no post…..

I cannot believe I have not posted anything since February.  What’s been going on…….

Well the husband and I have run another half marathon – Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham, AL.  Really did not train for this race and it kind of showed, even though I got a PR out of it.  This is the second time we have run this race, well I have.  The husband had to drop out the first time we signed up for it due to an injury.  This race is a lot of fun, great volunteers and crowd support.  Luckily for us our hotel was within walking distance of the expo and the race start/finish line!!!  Also, Comi-Con B’ham was going on at the same time at our hotel.


Post Race – Heading inside to get some BBQ!!!


Yes – I am a Star Wars Nerd!!!!

Oh yeah and I ran a 5K in March…..I hate running 5K’s because it feels like an all out sprint!!  Give me a marathon or Ironman instead 🙂  However, this 5K I have run every year since I first started running – so it is a must….First Volunteer Bank 5K – Run for Schools.  It was pretty cool I placed 2nd in my age group and my friend Angela placed as well!!

Piggy Bank Winners!!!

Piggy Bank Winners!!!

Then we have been training for another 70.3 race coming up next month – Gulf Coast Tri in Panama City Beach.


First long ride of the year…From downtown Chattanooga out to Mountain Cove Farms and back.


1st Brick of the Year – and yes it almost killed me.


When the weather is bad outside, what do you do…Get together with friends and spin in a warehouse!!


Gotta love Coach Hallie – Master’s Swim Class


Thanks for stopping by…..

So, what have you been up to?  Any big races coming up?

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Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Report

2:15am came way too early, but our plan was to be on the bus by 3am.  Apparently if you are not on the bus by 4am, you are not allowed to race!  YIKES.

Early morning w/ Angela, me, Whitney and D

Early morning w/ Angela, me, Whitney and D

Showing off my red lips.

Showing off my red lips.

By the time we arrived and dropped off bags, used the restroom, took some pics and hung out it was time to head to the start line.  It was about a 20 minute walk to the start line.  It was a wonderful 78 degrees with about 93% humidity – BLAH!

We started in corral B, so this was our view of the start.

We started in corral B, so this was our view of the start.

For every corral The Fairy Godmother counted you down and then fireworks were shot.  So cool!

The send off!

The send off!

There goes corral A!

There goes corral A!

Corral A start (courtesy of Run Disney)

Corral A start (courtesy of Run Disney)

It was about two miles into the run before we came up on our first character.  Luckily it was my favorite Disney character – Caption Jack Sparrow!  (FYI – I am already soaked in sweat!)


After Pirates of the Caribbean there were a couple of stops, which I had no idea who it was….so we kept on running.  Finally around 5 we entered into the Magic Kingdom…

Finally a park!

Finally a park!

Much to my surprise when you went under the sign you ran forever through parking lots!  WHAT!!!!  At least they had two character stops….

Cinderella's stepmother and step sisters.

Cinderella’s stepmother and step sisters.

Then we turn a corner and enter into the Magic Kingdom park through the employee entrance.  As soon as you enter you are greeted by this….


I haven’t seen Cinderella’s Castle in over 31 years, so needless to say I was a little excited.  I am totally a kid when it comes to stuff like this!



I promise I will not show you a ton of pictures of the castle.  🙂


Ok, last one……


It was so cool, when you were about to run through the castle the guys on top were playing trumpets.  Made you feel like royalty.  🙂  The princess has arrived.  After the excitement of the castle, the characters we passed I had no idea who they were so we kept running.  We did see Cinderella, however the line was about 45 minutes long and she really isn’t my favorite and D didn’t care to wait that long since.

We were in the Magic Kingdom for only a mile and then there was more of this…..

Ok....pretty sick of the highways now!.

Ok….pretty sick of the highways now!.

About halfway through the run we passed this sign, which was totally true because it was in the 80’s and the humidity really hadn’t died down.  Lucky for me by the second water stop I had to start pouring water on my head to stay cooled off.

About half way through.

About half way through.

Then we passed a couple of picture stops we couldn’t pass up……

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins


They found my shoe!

Toy Story - Army guy.

Toy Story – Army guy.

And on the highway we passed a couple of cute signs……

Yes, please.....

Yes, please…..

Finally at mile 12 we headed into Epcot.

Back in a park...finally!

Back in a park…finally!

I promise I haven't told a lie....

I promise I haven’t told a lie….

Fairy Godmother....

Fairy Godmother….

We are almost there!!!

They had story books at every mile marker, so cool!

They had story books at every mile marker, so cool!

And the finish…..Time: 2:42 and that was with photo stops, so I was pretty happy because I was planning on coming in over 3 hours.


Camera 360

Now the nerdy part really quick….. “The Numbers”

Half Marathon runners = 23,866 (only 1,341 are men)

International runners = 837 (34 countries)

Bananas = 36,420

Youngest runner = 14

Oldest runner = 96

The Good:

Disney puts on a great event.  This was well-organized, plenty of wonderful volunteers, plenty of water/powerade stops.  It was really neat stopping to take pictures with characters it broke up the race and it never felt like we ran a half marathon.  They also had dj’s on the course blasting some pretty awesome music!  After you crossed the finish line you were sprinkled with fairy dust and you received your medal.  Then you were given water/powerade and a box full of food.  Oh and of course, the medal was awesome!

So pretty!

So pretty!

The Bad:

Most of this race is out on a highway, out of 13.1 miles only about 2 miles are actually in a Disney Park.  I expected to be running in mainly parks. (my bad).  It was really humid and warm—-which Disney cannot control no matter how magical they are, and while I was in the medical tent with D (who was dealing with dehydration) about 15 people came in with dehydration problems.  Then after the race, you had to catch a bus back to your hotel.  We stood in line for about 30 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering the line.

Bus line.

Bus line.

Overall this was a really good race, but I will not be running it again.  If I do another Disney race it will be the Goofy Challenge with Gary.

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Disney Princess Half Marathon…Pre-Race


Angela, D and I all went to ATL to hop on a plane Friday late morning to head to sunny Orlando, FL.  Going from temps in the 30’s to temps in the 80’s was everything a girl could ask for.  The plane ride ended up being really bumpy, so they cancelled the drink/snack service.  😦  (The plane ride back was worse, plane dropped a couple of times making it really hard for me to read!)

Ready for some sun and pool time!

Ready for some sun and pool time!

When we arrived we took the Disney Magical Express to our hotel (Art of Animation)- this was great service and made everything so easy!  As soon as we got to our room, D and I changed to head to the pool.





We stayed in the Little Mermaid section.

We stayed in the Little Mermaid section.


Afterwards we met up with 9 other girls (Whitney was going to meet us at the dinner) and headed to Epcot to the Disney Princess Pasta in the Park.  This was so much fun!  They had a huge buffet spread, Disney princesses there for photos and a DJ which equals dancing!

Ready to party!!

Ready to party!!

Group pic (minus Whitney - still waiting on her to arrive)

Group pic (minus Whitney – still waiting on her to arrive)

Awww ya!!!  Gotta love dancing.... :)

Awww ya!!! Gotta love dancing…. 🙂

Then around 8:15, we all headed out because they had special seating for us for the firework show!

Time for fireworks!!!

Time for fireworks!!!


Next after the fireworks the park was open for hotel guests until 11pm – SCORE!  All the fast passes were gone, so we only rode two rides.  First stop was Soarin’ (?), which was really cool.  The second ride was FastTrac, which was awesome…you design the car you are going to ride in.

me, Angela and Whitney at the TestTrac.

me, Angela and Whitney at the TestTrac.

If you do the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I would definitely recommend purchasing Pasta in the Park tickets.  It was totally worth the cost.  What a fun night!

Saturday our only plan was to go to the expo (more pool time!).  Angela, Whitney, D and I met and headed that way around 12:30.  Apparently the best time to go was during lunch because everyone else talked about how packed it was, but we did not have any problems.  Bib pickup/Race Shirt pickup was so easy and then of course we had to do a little shopping.  I purchased two RunningSkirts at an awesome price….pretty much a 2 for 1 deal!

Ready to run...

Ready to run…




Being sprinkled with fairy dust.  (or whatever it's called)

Being sprinkled with fairy dust. (or whatever it’s called)

After the expo we headed to Downtown Disney to grab an early dinner because we were suppose to be up by 2:15 am, to catch the 3am bus to the race start!  Craziness!!

D, Whitney, Angela, and me.

D, Whitney, Angela, and me.

Next up…..Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Report


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Infinit Nutrition Review

I am going crazy!!!  It has now been a full week since I have run.  My hip is better to the point where I can lay on my right side now – but the true test will be on Wednesday.  I am going to try to run just a couple of miles Wednesday night to see how the ole’ hip reacts – Then the Scenic City Half Marathon is on Saturday.  Since I have not run – I have tried to keep up with biking, swimming and of course Zumba (however I had to make my Zumba moves a much lower impact).

Saturday’s ride actually worked out weather wise, which I was very surprised.  It was supposed to start raining around 2pm but it did not start until around 6pm!  Our ride however went from a 45 miler to only 37 miles. 😦  That’s because we started late and the cloud cover really started moving in and we did not bring any lights.  Well and then we called it a day when Gary hit some train tracks wrong and fell, luckily though he was not hurt – just a little road rash on the elbow.  Thanks D for the small first aid kits to go in our bike bag!!  It worked out perfectly!!

Ok – so last month I ordered Inifit Nutrition powder.  I read a lot of reviews and Ironmen and marathon runners use this.  They claim that when they mix up this drink, they do not have to eat anything during their endurance events.  When ordering you answer a series of questions and it calculates a formula specially designed for you!  I was totally skeptical about this, but still wanted to give it a try.  It is so hard to do an endurance event when you have to eat on the bike, and/or when running a marathon your stomach bottoms out after 15 miles especially after taking in so much Gu.  (YUCK!)  Well grant it, Saturday was not a long ride however I did try the powder.  It is 2 scoops with 20 oz of water.  I ordered the lemon-lime flavor. 🙂  I decided to take an extra bottle of plain water, just in case this did not work out and I took some food just in case.  Well just what???  It worked out perfectly!!!  After 30+ miles I still was not hungry, my legs were not cramping, I still had energy (enough to maintain 19mph on flat, straight roads) and my stomach was very happy with it.  With that said, I am going to try to run the half marathon with it this weekend to see how that goes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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To Become a Fanatic or Not??

There is a special group of runners called “Half Fanatics” and they are located everywhere in the USA.  In order to be a part of this unique group you have to meet certain criteria.  Then once that is met your level in the group is based on all the races you run.  So, next year the race calendar has us running 2 half marathons within 13 days apart.  This would qualify us to be at the very bottom level – “Neptune” – run 2 half marathons within 16 days.  Well, if we push it we could qualify for the third level, which is “Saturn” – run 4 half marathons in 4 states within 51 days.  Grant it I would not be going for any PR’s because that would just be crazy…..

So here are the races we are thinking about:

2/12 – Mercedes Half Marathon ~ Birmingham, AL

2/18 – Berry College Half Marathon ~ Rome, GA

2/25 – Scenic City Half Marathon ~ Chattanooga, TN

3/31 – Run the BlueGrass Half Marathon ~ Lexington, KY

The only money we will be out is registration and then a hotel room for Lexington.  So it sounds like a good plan right??

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Chickamauga Marathon and Half Marathon

Well since the Savannah Marathon was only a week before this event, I decided a long time ago to just be a volunteer. This race is huge…meaning it was featured in Runner’s World as being the runner-up for the “Most-Scenic” marathon, the #1 “Most Family Friendly” marathon, and the third best overall marathon. The Chickamauga Marathon and Half Marathon is in its 32nd year and it’s course takes you through the nation’s oldest military park.  Usually registration opens up sometime in January and it is always sold out by July…it seems to get early and early each year as far as the sell out.  They have a total of 1500 runners – 700 making up the marathon and 800 make up the half marathon.  This year was the first year they had a wheelchair division.  There was only one participate, but hopefully this will grow as time goes on.

Wheelchair Division start

One of my volunteer shifts consisted of packet-pickup the night before at Lakeview Fort-Oglethorpe High School.  (my alma mater)  I worked at the problems and solutions table….luckily most of the “problems” were people wanting to drop down from the marathon to the half marathon, which I was gladly to assist them with.  Since packet-pickup moved to the high school is has gone a lot smoother.  The participates and their family walk into the main entrance and are greeted.  From there they pick up with packet/goodie bag.  (goodie bag this year was pretty good and it had a pretty awesome race belt in every bag – last year it was a hat)  From there they walk through all the vendors and their final stop is picking up their race shirt…which are always male/female specific.  So, after that you either walk out another door and head back to your car, or you can participate in the “Athlete/Family” dinner – which is always good.  This year they allowed volunteers to have a free dinner!! 🙂

Saturday morning….race day…..I show up at my post at 5:30am!  I first helped by putting together signs and then I went into the athlete tent to get ready for early morning packet-pickup.    By 7:30am everyone was at the start line, so I snuck out of the tent to watch the start.

The starting line

View from about the middle of the pack.


Go Missi Go!!

Oh and I forgot to mention at the start – instead of a horn or a gun going off you southern’s do it right.  Yeah buddy – we have a Civil War cannon fire!!  BOOM!!!!!  After that the cannon is fired again when the first half marathoner and first full marathoner crosses the finish line.

The cannon that was fired.

After watching all the runners take off, I headed off to my second post for the day….The Athlete Food Tent….By the time we got everything out and ready the first half marathoner was crossing the finish line!  One thing that everyone raved about more than anything was the food 🙂  thank you, thank you, no applause needed.  What a runner could expect after crossing the finish line – two different kinds of soup, 4 different kinds of pizza, fruit, cookies, granola bars, Little Debbies, banana pudding, and any coke drink product you wanted.

Once again – the Chickamauga Marathon and Half Marathon was a huge sucess… are just a couple of pictures.  I will have to post more later – they asked the track club “picture lady” to wait two weeks before she put them out on the web.

Elevation chart for the marathon.

Ed finishes his 1st marathon!

Truman finishes marathon #94 or #96...I've lost count. Missi came out to support.

Me, DeLeslyn, and Ironman Dave

The Oasis gang represents at the race! DeLeslyn, Jeanniee and Angie

 Great job Chattanooga Track Club!

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