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Base Training Week 4

Monday – Swim 2700 yards and Heather’s Kona Core Workout

  • Actual – I did the core workout that morning.  I was able to do half the “dead bug” exercises with my legs fully extended.  I’m making progress.  I swam 2700 yards after work.  It felt good and went by pretty fast.  Swam at the Hixson YMCA, not too crowded – but there was a high school couple that was making out in the lap pool.  Seriously…..disgusting!!!

Tuesday – Run and Leg weight workout

  • Run Workout: After the warmup the main set: 3×5 min low zone 3 w/ 2 min walk/jog between sets.  Then 8×30 sec sprints uphill w/ 4 min recovery between.  Cool down
  • Actual –  My first thought on this workout was 8 HILL SPRINT REPEATS!!!!!  I felt really good on this run, but hill repeats 4-5 I struggled a little.  However I finally recovered and did well on the rest of the hill repeats.

Wednesday – Bike on Trainer w/ single leg drills

  • Actual –  This was supposed to be an easy trainer right with single leg drills.  What I found out later keeping 80-90 rpm, I could use light resistance….no wonder this felt hard.  I was using pretty good resistance.  HA!  I will know for next time!!

Thursday – Run

  • Run Workout – Warm up….Main Set: 6×3-4 min RPE 7 w/ 2-3 min walking between sets, then cool down
  • Actual – I am really starting to enjoy these types of workouts.  I could only hold the hard part of the run for 3 minutes.  Next time I will shoot for 4 minutes.  By the times you can tell when I was running up a slight hill.  Which I am really happy with because a month ago I could not hold this pace.  9:18, 8:41, 9:35, 10:06, 8:53, 10:28

Friday – Bike 1:30 casual pace in zones 1-2, enjoy the fall weather

  • Actual – This workout did not happen.  I ended up painting the front porch and mowing yards.  After all that was finished it was too late to ride and I was too tired.  I did an easy spin bike ride at the YMCA Saturday, just for an hour.

Saturday – Run 10 miles, Heather’s Kona Core Workout

  • Run Workout – After the warm up 1.5 miles, Main Set: Intervals repeat each set twice, 0.5 mile @ 9:43, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @9:32, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @ 9:21, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @ 9:10, recover 0.25 miles, 0.5 mile @ 8:55, recover 0.25 miles, cool down 1 mile
  • Actual – This was the run from hell.  My stomach had been bothering me all day, so I decided to wait until later in the day to run.  The weather here was freezing, 30 degrees with 20 mph wind all day.  When I finally got out to run I tried to hold a steady pace for my 0.5 mile fast runs but I had to walk the 0.25 recovery because my stomach was still giving me issues.  However, I got the entire 10 miles in!!!  10:00, 10:26, 10:36, 10:03, 10:41, 9:56, 10:29, 10:06, 10:09, 9:56

Sunday – Swim 2,000 yards

  • Actual – I actually did this on Saturday because it was so rainy in Chattanooga.  I felt good the entire time.  I actually zoned out and ended up swimming 2300 yards.

All in all I had a good week.  I really wish I could have gotten out to ride Friday because the weather was perfect!!!  I’m looking forward to a rest day next week because I am completely exhausted.

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Base Training Week 3

So, I have finally decided to sign up for Ironman Louisville again.  I was looking at other races but G wants to do this one again so I finally caved.  It makes me a little nervous saying the race name out loud.  HA!

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Run Hill repeats

Workout: (30 min easy warm-up into zone 2, 4×3 min hill repeats with 3 min recovery, then 10 min cool down ending in a walk)

Actual – I did the entire workout.  The hill repeats are getting a little easier.  I am focusing on form and cadence of 180 spm.

Wednesday – Run w/ Strides, mini band drills

Workout: 30 min run with 4x 1 min strides

Actual: I completed the entire workout and the strides were completed on a slight hill as requested.  I enjoyed this workout, since I am focusing so much on keeping a cadence of 180 spm it felt great lengthening my stride to see what I had during just one minute intervals.  Mini band drills hurt like heck!!!  Then on the last set of planks I kept wanting to fall over.

Thursday – Swim – then celebrate my papaw’s 87th Birthday

Workout – Dry land warm up drills, then swim 1950 yards.

Actual – My arms were still sore from yesterday’s plank sets.  I did both the dry land drills and then swam 1950 yards.  During this swim we had a 5×100 yard swim test.  My times were: 1:31, 1:31, 1:32, 1:31, 1:31.  Very happy that each 100 was consistent and I pushed hard on all 5 of these 100’s.


Family celebrating my papaw.

Friday – Run Track Test

Workout – I had to start off with cadence drills and then do the 1 mile track test.

Actual – This 1 mile track test is not just a mile….You first warm up 1 mile, then do a mile of surges (200 surge, 200 recover), then 1 mile time trial, followed by 1 mile speed work (200 speed, 200 recover).  Then finally 1/2 mile cool down.  Talk about being worn out!


Hardcore training, when you tie yourself to a flag pole to do cadence drills.

Saturday – Bike 1:30, Abs

Workout – Freestyle ride – zone 2-3 with surges and standing climbs if you feel like it

Actual – It was a great day for a bike ride, crisp air and the leaves are finally changing colors.  My calves were a little tight on this ride from the track workout the day before.  We did one standing climb up Snodgrass pretty early in the ride.  After that we just stayed in the park.  I spent the majority of the ride in zones 1-3, which was the goal.  Slow ride time:  14.6mph

As far as the ab work goes…..All pretty standard, but I cannot do those box jumps.  I’m just to chicken.

Sunday – Run 40 min

Workout – Warm up for 20 minutes building to zone 3.  Then run 15 minutes in mid-zone 3.  Finish with a 5 min cool down.

Actual – I ended up doing a trail run.  I warmed up for 20 minutes trying to stay in zone 2.  I set my watch during the 15 min zone 3 run to beep at me when I went over.  It seemed to work well.  It was a tough run – I had a lot of ruts, roots, and rocks to dodge so my cadence was all over the place.  I was happy to average a 11:54 min/mile during the 15 minute zone 3 run on the trail.


My happy place.

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Do Not Ever Say Never

So, after 2016 Ironman Louisville I told G and everyone else that I would never do another full Ironman.  Something internally switched off out on the course, I could not ever explain what.  It took my desire, passion, and my soul (yes I know that’s a little too dramatic) from me to ever want to do another long endurance race.

Now, here I am with a years rest from long distance and I’m ready and determined to do it again.  It could be because I am turning 40 this year and I want to prove to myself that age is just a number.  So, what is different this go ’round is that I have actually hired a coach.  I am so happy that I do not have to plan my own workouts anymore, which I have been doing since 2011 for triathlon long distance.  All I have to do is tell her what races I want to do and she comes up with my plan.  Every week when I open up Training Peaks to see the weeks worth of workouts, it’s like it’s Christmas morning.

So, if I have time I am going to start keep a log of my workouts on this blog again….It’s not to bore you, but help me see what kind of progress I have made.

I am back and happy to be training!


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Are You Ready?

For those of you that race – 5K up to an Ironman, people always ask “Are you ready?”  Raise your hand if you ever answer that question with “Yes”!  I never feel totally prepared for a race.  I always ask myself, “Should I have completed another long bike ride?”, “Should I have run 20 miles instead of just 15 miles?”.  So much self-doubt runs through my head.


Last year G and I felt prepared and confident going into Ironman Florida.  We had done the race back in 2013 and completed it with no issues, it was the perfect day!  However Ironman Florida in 2015 was a totally different story.  Florida was experiencing a heat wave in November which did not work in our favor.  G and I both had great swims, but half way through the bike I started to over heat and felt like I was going to pass out.  I waited at special needs for G, so I could tell him I was going to call it a day.  After talking with him, he was feeling bad also, to the point where he was puking in the woods.  So we both had to call it a day.  Our dreams of completing a second Ironman were crushed and our ego’s were bruised (and still are today).  I do know though if we didn’t stop when we did, we both would have suffered a lot more.

So now, when people ask “Are you Ready for Ironman Louisville?” my answer will always be NO!  No matter how many long rides, runs, or swims we have put into our training I will never feel ready because you never know what race day is going to bring. Luckily a guy in the IMKY Facebook group put together a “Doom’s Day” scenario, so if we are able to follow this everything should turn out ok.



So here is to hoping G and I will be able to see this awesome finish line next weekend!


Do you ever feel prepared for a race?

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Week 3 of IMFL Training

Week 3 has already come and gone.  I know understand what my mother said about how life flies by when you get older.  It truly does!!!  We are already in March, where does the time go??


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

I heart rest days.  I got home from work ate dinner then went straight into the bedroom to put my pjs on.  Then got to catch up on some TV shows.


  • Plan – Swim
  • Actual – 3.21 run – 1@10:06, 2@10:48, 3@16:53

The doctor said no swimming for two weeks, so here we are in week 1…  BLAH!  My mother emailed me stating she was going to run, so we decided to join her. My plan was to run 3 miles at an easy pace.  However, the temp was 70 with 80% humidity – which we ARE NOT use to.  I had the dog with me….so by mile 2.5 she was huffing pretty good, therefore we slowed down.  Then I decided to walk the rest with her since she is not used to the humidity and rising temp.


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

We ended up going to dinner with the family for a late celebration of my uncle’s birthday.  Plus, we wanted to talk about next years family vacation to Disney World.

I cannot wait to go to Disney with this little sweetie!

I cannot wait to go to Disney with this little sweetie!

I also had my first PT appointment for my shoulder.  The wonderful PT – Robbie said that he should be able to fix me.  He gave me a list of exercises to do twice a day, which are kicking my butt.  Next week when I go back we are going to start strengthening my right shoulder/back muscles.


  • Plan – Swim, Ride 70 minutes outdoors
  • Actual – Rode 63 minutes outdoors – Sprint work 5 min each 1@19mph, 2@19.7mph, 3@20mph

Second swim workout missed due to my shoulder.  The ride went well though.  The overall average for this ride was 15.16mph.  We had a 35 min warm up, then 5 min sprints with 5 min recovery 3 times.  Since this is only our second ride outdoors, I am pretty happy with this ride.  Afterwards we went out for BBQ at Choo-Choo in Chickamauga.  The waitress was asking us questions about triathlon and why we want to put ourselves through that.  She said that her and a friend were talking about “us people”.  It was nice to explain that we do it for a social outlet and to meet new people.  Also, that is a great way to be able to eat whatever you want.

End of the ride! (Lovin' our Hippy Runner Headbands)

End of the ride! (Lovin’ our Hippy Runner Headbands)  Yes, I am Batman!!


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day



  • Plan – First Volunteer Bank 5K + 5 miles afterwards
  • Actual – First Volunteer 5K + 5 miles afterwards. 1@8:39, 2@10:19, 3@10:20, .1@9:22, then the rest of the run…we did a 3 min run, 1 min walk so….1@12:22, 2@12:19, 3@12:38, 4@12:09, 5@11:57
    Love this group of girls!

    Love this group of girls! Photo by: Whitney Allison

    This is a great friend of mine - Jane.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

    This is a great friend of mine – Jane. I want to be like her when I grow up.

I knew this 5K was not going to be my best, mainly because I have not been running that much and when I do it’s distance.  One question though, something I always struggle with —-going out too fast!!!  How does one stop this???

Later that night, G and I met a friend of his out at Big River Grille and ran into some other friends.  Following dinner we did our weekly meat/veggie shopping at Fresh Market.


  • Plan – 90 minute bike ride
  • Actual – 90 minute bike ride, then 3 mile walk/run with my mom

Legs where so dead on this bike ride.  We decided to ride before church, so we could have the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted.  It started out foggy, but luckily after we warmed up and actually got out on the road most of the fog had burned off.  Since the Chickamauga Battlefield has construction going on we decided to leave from our house.  We stayed pretty close and ended up climbing Davis Ridge and “The Wall”.  We G climbed the wall, I made it half way up and had to pull off into someone’s driveway.  Now, remember my legs were dead…we did about 850ft of climbing and total mileage was 20 miles with an average cadence of 69 rpm.  I need to set my garmin to auto-pause so I can get a more accurate average speed.

After doing a walk/run with my mom that evening, G and I went to eat dinner at Panera (they have great turkey chili).  Then followed up the end of the week with watching a movie – Mockingjay Part 1.

What a great week and fun weekend!!

Have you read the Hunger Games Series?  What do you think about the movies?

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Week 2 of IMFL Training

Ahhhh…week two.  Luckily we are still in the phase that just gets you to workout consistently.  So it is not time to live out of the car and survive on coffee – YET.


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – 3 mile run – 1@10:11, 2@10:07, 3@11:11 (hills repeats on the 3rd mile)

The weather was perfect when I got off from work on Monday, 52 degrees and sunny!!!  I could not pass it up, so when I got home the husband, dog and I went to downtown Ringgold for a 3 mile run.  I wasn’t shooting for a specific time, just wanted to stay steady the first 2 miles and comfortable.  The dog and I stayed on about 10:00/mile pace for the first 2 miles.  Then she started to pant a little too much so we slowed down and did some hill work the last mile, which was an 11:11/mile pace.


  • Plan – Swim and Easy Run
  • Actual – Swim 2000 yards – average pace 1:36/100 yards

Luckily G and I were smart and ran Monday evening because the rain started mid-day on Tuesday.


  • Plan – Body Pump and Trainer Ride w/ Leg Drills
  • Actual – Body Pump

I finally made it back in the Body Pump class – I decided to take some time off due to my shoulder giving me issues.  I thought I would give it another try before I headed to the doctor on Thursday.  G and I both got home way to late from work and we had my mother coming over for dinner.  So we decided to push the workout to Thursday.

Thursday –

  • Plan – Swim 2300 yard
  • Actual – Swim 2300 yards – 2:40/100 yards (we had a lot of drills) and Trainer Ride w/ Leg Drills – 14.41 miles

Great swim this morning, which it usually is because it’s my favorite thing to do.  After our swim I headed to the doctor to talk about my shoulder.  He diagnosed me with bursitis, so I have to lay off of swimming and upper body weight training for two weeks.  Then go to PT for 6 weeks….However, I still can run and ride which is a very good thing.  The trainer ride was ok because we watched past episodes of Jimmy Fallon.  However, as always the leg drills where killer.  I hope doing these pays off!!!


Friday –

  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

I love rest days.  I worked from home so afterwards my mother and aunt came to pick me up and we met G at Big River to eat.  Then did a little shopping at the mall.  I will miss these nights when training picks up.

Saturday –

  • Plan – Bike 90 minutes
  • Actual – Bike 90 minutes – 22 miles, AVG 15mph, 1050ft climbing

This was the first outdoor ride of the season and it felt great.  Well the weather was perfect, the ride felt too hard.  We started about a quarter of the way on the IMChattanooga bike course because we wanted to ride hills.  We ended up climbing about 1000ft, which really isn’t much but with this being the first time out of the rode – it felt like mountains.  I told G, why are we doing this IMFL is flat and his response was, “Well Augusta is not.”  DOH


Sunday –

  • Plan – Run 6 miles
  • Actual – Run 6 miles – 1@11:14, 2@ 11:30, 3@11:29, 4@11:28, 5@10:59, 6@11:15, 4 mile hike

I forgot what it felt like to run on tired legs.  This was a really slow run, but it was actually faster than I anticipated.  After some recovery we met my mother and training partner D back out at the park to walk trails with the dogs.  It was a gorgeous day!!


Hiking with the dogs....

Hiking with the dogs….

I am so ready for spring – how about you??

Loving the sunshine and warmer weather!

Loving the sunshine and warmer weather!

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PTI….Pardon The Interruption

Yes, I stole that from ESPN…which I usually hear my husband listening to in the background.

IMFL training has been going pretty smoothly and I have learned in order for the household to function properly I must adhere to a strict schedule.  Especially since the husband and I are both training for the Ironman.



An example of our weeknights (b/c mornings consist of swim or run workouts and then heading to work):

  • Monday/Wednesday are bike ride nights, afterwards we come straight home eat, shower and pack for next early morning workout
  • Tuesday nights I MUST do laundry!!
  • Thursday nights are my Mary Kay meeting nights (which I LOVE)
  • Friday nights are dinner with the husband and pack for Saturday’s long workout
  • Saturday nights….after coming out of zombie like stupor from 100+ mile bike ride, go out to eat with husband and friends
  • Sunday nights are an assortment of one or more of the following:  family night, get ready for the coming week, finish up Mary Kay business for the week, then do some more laundry.

I am so not complaining, but for the past two weeks the husband’s aunt/uncle came in for California.  We only get to see them once a year, but this was in the middle of our “big” training weeks!  Some week night bike rides did not happen, I had to resort to the trainer for a ride or two.  Laundry is totally overflowing to the point where the husband just went and purchased new underwear because there was no time to wash clothes.  I am totally exhausted – trying to keep up with training and playing hostess but I still wouldn’t trade it for anything because in my book family is everything.

Here are a couple of pictures of what all that has been happening…..

We had an awesome IMFL training weekend in PCB!

D and I about to eat donuts after our 13 mile run!

D and I about to eat donuts after our 13 mile run!

Best training partners! D and M - IMFL Training Weekend

Best training partners!
D and M – IMFL Training Weekend

D and I after our 102 mile ride

D and I after our 102 mile ride

IMFL Training Weekend - Ocean Swim

IMFL Training Weekend – Ocean Swim

Random things going on…..

Up on Lookout Mtn

Up on Lookout Mtn

Mountain Cove Farms

Mountain Cove Farms

Fear the Chop - ATL Braves

Fear the Chop – ATL Braves

Salty after a 14 mile run

Salty after a 14 mile run

150th Anniversary Celebration

150th Anniversary Celebration

150th Anniversary Celebration

150th Anniversary Celebration

Dinner with great friends!

Dinner with great friends!

How do you handle things, when your training plans get interrupted?

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A Little Hiccup…..(I hope)

Well for the past couple of weeks every time I ran or biked I had some stiffness in my Achilles tendon.  I did not think much about it because we had been training quite a bit and I thought taper time is coming up, so I will be able to rest the tendon.  Then last Friday I had to cut my bike ride short because it was hurting so bad.  Then this past Tuesday during a ride it hurt so bad by the end and I had to limp in order to walk.  I finally decided to go see a doctor about it since Gulf Coast Half Iron was coming up next weekend.

Last Year's Shirt

Last Year’s Shirt

Well the doctor told me something I would have never expected.  I was sure he was going to say I had some tendonitis, but that is not the case.  He told me I have Achilles tendonotis, which is microtears in the Achilles tendon.  If it was not caught when it was it could have ruptured.  He said that I would start with 6 weeks of physical therapy twice a week and if that does not do the trick I will undergo surgery.  SHOCKER!  So much so all I could do it cry.  When I say cry, I mean – sob out loud so much and so hard I couldn’t breath.  I am NOT an emotional person, but this is what happens when I am caught off guard.



So, I am not going to be doing the Gulf Coast Tri next weekend – however I am going down still and taking pictures of everyone!  I cannot run for at least 6 weeks and I can bike still but I must back down mileage and speed.  I am choosing to take a couple of weeks off on the bike just to give the tendon more time to heal.  I can still swim, lift weights, and work on the elliptical.  I have put together a training plan that doesn’t involve running and biking so I am now back in a good place and I am very optimistic and looking forward to the next 6 weeks.

happy place

So, hopefully this is just a little hiccup and in 6 weeks I will be back on track training for Ironman FL.  I mean come on this could have been a lot worse…and it’s not even close to what other people to go through with injuries.

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Week 11….Becoming an Ironman

This week felt pretty productive – only missed two workouts.  So, right now we are currently training for Gulf Coast 70.3 in May and the plan I chose deals in minutes/hours when it comes to the biking and running.  At first I wasn’t sure I could trust myself with training by time, like am I going to short change myself by lolly-gagging around.  So far, I feel like we have been putting in some quality work – luckily the plan tells you what “rate of effort” you should be working at.

Sunday was so nice, I had to break in a new Running Skirt!

Sunday was so nice, I had to break in a new Running Skirt!

Saturday’s ride was W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.!  It was almost 60 degrees outside!!  We had a good group go out on a 3 hr ride with D, Cyndi, Nik, and Betty (“the one that scares dogs”).  What is Betty’s nickname about??  Well she told us about this one time a dog came up and bit her shoe, she stopped – got off her bike, then ran while carrying her bike chasing after the dog while she was yelling at it.  You just gotta love that!!

Cyndi at one of the "food stops"

Cyndi at one of the “food stops”

The route was a somewhat new one, a lollipop from Chickamauga Battlefield out to LaFayette, Ga and back.  A lot of good ole’ country back roads.  Our views consisted of nothing but trees, farms, a lot of cows, some horses, and some chickens.

You know you are in the country when you start seeing these signs!

You know you are in the country when you start seeing these signs!

The main view...

The main view…

Monday: Bike 1:45

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Swim 2350 yards, Run (speed work) 40 minutes, Body Shop (tri’s/chest/abs)

Thursday: Brick (bike 45 minutes, run 15 minutes)

Friday: Swim 2000 yards, Body Shop (bi’s, shoulders, abs), Bike 1:20 (cancelled b/c I was too tired)

Saturday: Run 40 minutes, Bike 3 hrs

Sunday: Run 1:20, Swim 2300 (cancelled because it was too nice outside and I feel like two pool days is enough)

Totals: Swim 2.5 miles, Bike 88 miles, Run 17.3 miles

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!   Do you train by miles or time?

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I have a dream…..

No, I am not going to quote Martin Luther King….however I do have a dream of one day not sitting at a desk job 8+ hours a day.  After a fun weekend of training in the beautiful sunshine, it makes you think of how great it would be to be paid to train for an event.  Doing everything you love – swimming, biking and running.  However, I do not think the bottom half of the triathlon finishers will ever get that opportunity. 🙂

Monday, both G and I were off work due to the MLK holiday.  Well – G went and worked for a couple of hours, while I met up with D for a run.

View from our morning run.

View from our morning run.

After G left work we met up for lunch and headed downtown to Hub Endurance for a much-needed saddle change on my tri-bike.  I thought I could handle the saddle that came with the bike, but the “lady parts” were telling me different.  They put on the Adamo Road Saddle for me to try.  So, G and I headed to the Chickamauga Battlefield for a bike workout.  OOOOOOO…..this saddle felt so good!  I am going to try it out a couple of more times before the final decision is made – but honestly I think I already have my mind made up.  After our bike ride, we headed to the pool to get a swim workout in.

G's bike

G’s bike

Finishing up our hill workout.

Finishing up our hill workout.

What a wonderful day – sunshine and exercise!

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday!

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