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2018 Chattanooga Marathon Ambassador

It’s official! I am a 2018 Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon Ambassador! I’m stoked to be training for the Chattanooga Marathon Weekend! If you want to join me March 2-4, 2018 for any distance!!!  Race weekend there will be a 5K on Saturday and the Marathon and Half Marathon will be on Sunday.  Basically the entire family can race!!

You can use code EPETTY and receive 20% off.  If you use it now, you will get the best price!!

I ran this race for the first time last year and loved everything about it!!  I hope you can join me in 2018.

Click on the below link to register or learn more about this race:

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Chattanooga Half Marathon

I’ve been wanting to participate in this event ever since it came into existence, which was last year.  Luckily timing worked out perfectly this year, so I was super stoked about getting to run in it.  However I knew it was going to be a tough race to swallow because I am currently attempting to Heart Rate Zone train and coach said to run this in Zone 2 the entire time…..which is sooooo slow…..So, needless to say it was my slowest half marathon ever and I am trying to be ok with that. 🙂

So about the race……Friday night they have a “Start the weekend off right” with a party and live music!  Saturday they have a 5K and kids race.  Then Sunday is when the half marathon and marathon take place.  Basically it’s a weekend family event, which is totally cool for people coming to town for this race.


Start of the 5K Race

The 5K race is a very fast and flat race, so I have heard.  The marathon, half marathon is a point to point race with some good flats/downhills and some pretty good uphills!  You park at the finish line and they shuttle you to the start.

I love the start location of the main event, at the corner of Board and Aquarium Way.


They had the presentation of colors and the Star Spangled Banner was played on an electric guitar by Sugarland’s Thad Beaty, which was pretty cool.


I love the first 1.5 miles is right downtown, so you know it’s flat!  After you make a turn on 20th street you end up running by the river for a while and then up onto Amnicola Hwy for a bit, then you start towards the UTC campus.  People, this is not an easy course, but it is not the hardest either…. There are a couple of tough hills, especially one dubbed “cardiac hill” which is around the UTC campus.  I saw a couple of people walking up that hill backwards!

Like I said, this was going to be a very slow run for me so it was all uneventful.  I really did love this course, I loved how it took you through Chattanooga’s history.  Running through the UTC campus, by the National Cemetery, through Chattanooga’s first subdivision, then Southside.  I cannot wait to do this again next year!


For all of you “Bling” people….here is the medal 🙂


Oh and a total surprise, was Dave Ragsdale was the announcer.  For those of you that do Ironman, he is one of their finish line announcers!


Dave Ragsdale

The Pros:

  • Great Expo
  • FREE RACE PICTURES!!!  (Even though you have logos on them, that’s pretty rad!)
  • The course
  • The medal (river/bldg in a running shoe shape)
  • The announcer!!
  • Meal tickets, so you can choose which Food Truck you want to eat from!

The Cons:

  • Nothing that I can think of……

Start line before we dropped some jackets/long sleeves at bag drop.

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Week 2 of IMFL Training

Ahhhh…week two.  Luckily we are still in the phase that just gets you to workout consistently.  So it is not time to live out of the car and survive on coffee – YET.


  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – 3 mile run – 1@10:11, 2@10:07, 3@11:11 (hills repeats on the 3rd mile)

The weather was perfect when I got off from work on Monday, 52 degrees and sunny!!!  I could not pass it up, so when I got home the husband, dog and I went to downtown Ringgold for a 3 mile run.  I wasn’t shooting for a specific time, just wanted to stay steady the first 2 miles and comfortable.  The dog and I stayed on about 10:00/mile pace for the first 2 miles.  Then she started to pant a little too much so we slowed down and did some hill work the last mile, which was an 11:11/mile pace.


  • Plan – Swim and Easy Run
  • Actual – Swim 2000 yards – average pace 1:36/100 yards

Luckily G and I were smart and ran Monday evening because the rain started mid-day on Tuesday.


  • Plan – Body Pump and Trainer Ride w/ Leg Drills
  • Actual – Body Pump

I finally made it back in the Body Pump class – I decided to take some time off due to my shoulder giving me issues.  I thought I would give it another try before I headed to the doctor on Thursday.  G and I both got home way to late from work and we had my mother coming over for dinner.  So we decided to push the workout to Thursday.

Thursday –

  • Plan – Swim 2300 yard
  • Actual – Swim 2300 yards – 2:40/100 yards (we had a lot of drills) and Trainer Ride w/ Leg Drills – 14.41 miles

Great swim this morning, which it usually is because it’s my favorite thing to do.  After our swim I headed to the doctor to talk about my shoulder.  He diagnosed me with bursitis, so I have to lay off of swimming and upper body weight training for two weeks.  Then go to PT for 6 weeks….However, I still can run and ride which is a very good thing.  The trainer ride was ok because we watched past episodes of Jimmy Fallon.  However, as always the leg drills where killer.  I hope doing these pays off!!!


Friday –

  • Plan – Rest Day
  • Actual – Rest Day

I love rest days.  I worked from home so afterwards my mother and aunt came to pick me up and we met G at Big River to eat.  Then did a little shopping at the mall.  I will miss these nights when training picks up.

Saturday –

  • Plan – Bike 90 minutes
  • Actual – Bike 90 minutes – 22 miles, AVG 15mph, 1050ft climbing

This was the first outdoor ride of the season and it felt great.  Well the weather was perfect, the ride felt too hard.  We started about a quarter of the way on the IMChattanooga bike course because we wanted to ride hills.  We ended up climbing about 1000ft, which really isn’t much but with this being the first time out of the rode – it felt like mountains.  I told G, why are we doing this IMFL is flat and his response was, “Well Augusta is not.”  DOH


Sunday –

  • Plan – Run 6 miles
  • Actual – Run 6 miles – 1@11:14, 2@ 11:30, 3@11:29, 4@11:28, 5@10:59, 6@11:15, 4 mile hike

I forgot what it felt like to run on tired legs.  This was a really slow run, but it was actually faster than I anticipated.  After some recovery we met my mother and training partner D back out at the park to walk trails with the dogs.  It was a gorgeous day!!


Hiking with the dogs....

Hiking with the dogs….

I am so ready for spring – how about you??

Loving the sunshine and warmer weather!

Loving the sunshine and warmer weather!

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Starting Up Again……

So, it’s been awhile – yes I know.  Life has gotten busy or I have just gotten lazy about blogging (probably more the latter).

Everything has been going great!!!  Our pup, Reagan, went on her first beach vacation with us back in November.

She is so happy to be at the beach!

She is so happy to be at the beach!

She loved the water...

She loved the water…

My mom did her first 5k!!!

Mom at packet pickup

Mom at packet pickup



The husband and I did the Goofy Challenge back in January.  The Goofy Challenge is a half marathon on Saturday and then a marathon on Sunday.

About to run into Magic Kingdom.

About to run into Magic Kingdom.

Celebrating afterwards with Mickey!

Celebrating afterwards with Mickey!

Oh and we signed up to do another Ironman.  This Ironman was the husband’s idea because seriously I was all about the one and done.  Apparently I can be talked into ALMOST anything race related (except for double/triple Ironman races – Billy) .

This week officially kicks off our training, which I am kind of happy about it because I need to take off this 10lbs I have put on….oops….My goal is to blog every week, just so I can keep up with my workouts and how everything is feeling – so sorry if you get bored.

Rest is's time to get busy.

Rest is over….it’s time to get busy.

Are you motivated to workout if you do not have races on your calendar??

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Week 6 – Columbus Marathon Training

Monday:  The weather seemed to be really iffy for the week.  They were calling for 40%-60% rain every afternoon, so instead of taking a rest day, we went ahead and did our speed work for the week.  We had a standard warm up/cool down but the main set consisted of this:  200m ALL OUT followed immediately with a 400m MAX effort, repeating this 3 times with a 400m walk break between sets.

Plan: Rest Day
Actual: Track Workout (600m Superset)   200m: 6:49/M, 6:58/M, 6.57/M…..400m: 8:00/M, 7:47/M, 8:00/M


Tuesday: Since we did not take our rest day on Monday we took it on Tuesday.
Plan: Track Workout
Actual: Rest Day

Wednesday: Weights/Core
Actual: Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Calf Raises 4 sets of 12 reps….standard crunches, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, side crunches 25 reps each

Thursday: Thursday’s run work out was: Warm up .5M, main set x2 – 1 mile L1, 1 mile L1, .5m L2, .5m L3, .5m L1, then the 0.5 mile cool down was optional so I did not do all of it.  After work took a Zumba class.
Plan: Endurance Run 6.5 – 7 miles, Zumba
Actual: Zumba, 6.8 miles

Friday:  Work has been stressful all week, especially after one girl left and I think it finally caught up to me.  So instead of running, I slept another 45 minutes and started working earlier than I planned.
Plan: 4 mile easy run
Actual: stayed in bed

Saturday:  This weekend we decided to take some different trails out in the Chickamauga Battlefield and WOW did we hit a couple of good hills.  One was totally straight up and I had to finally bend over hold my knees and walk up it.  Total elevation was 1,409 feet, which might not be a lot for some but coming from maybe 300 feet elevation it was a lot!
Plan: 9-10 mile trail run
Actual: 9.75 trail run



Sunday:  We decided since this was an easy run before church just to run in Ringgold and not drive over to the Battlefield.  It was hot and so humid.  Legs were jello most of the run, but it felt good and strong.
Plan: 5.5 mile easy run
Actual: 5.5 easy run – 0.25M WU/Cool Down, main set x2 – 1M L2, 1M L3, 0.5M L1

What I felt like after this weekends running workouts!

What I felt like after this weekends running workouts!

This upcoming week is going to be tough.  I am flying out to Dallas Tuesday morning and will be returning Saturday late in Nashville.  It’s going to be non-stop while I am in Dallas (Mary Kay Seminar), meaning very little sleep.  Hope I can somehow squeeze in my workouts!

Do you try to get in all your workouts while traveling??

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I’m Back!!!

So after my hiatus, I think I am back to blogging regularly!  G and I have signed up for the Columbus Marathon and I am so excited about this race because I have heard nothing but good things.  I finally feel like life is getting back to normal and we are finally on a training schedule (which started this week).  We have a couple of triathlons coming up in August and September, however I am going to start putting most of my focus on running because I have a certain goal in mind for the Columbus Marathon.  🙂

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to accompany G on a business trip which happen to be at Disney!!  Needless to say we got there early to spend some time with Mickey and went to the parks a couple of nights after G got out of his conference.

The most magical place on earth!

The most magical place on earth!


We were the only ones without kids waiting to see Mickey.

We were the only ones without kids waiting to see Mickey.


Oh – I have failed to mention that I signed us both up for the Goofy Challenge next year.  G still doesn’t believe that I did that, but registration has been paid for and hotel has been booked.  All that is left are the plan tickets!  What is the Goofy Challenge you ask?  Well, it’s a race at Disney of course and it takes you through the parks.  On Saturday we will run a half marathon, then Sunday we will run a full marathon…..Fun Times!

After Disney we took a trip to Panama City Beach and participated in the Gulf Coast Triathlon, a half Ironman distance (1.2M swim, 56M bike, 13.1M run).  I have no idea why we keep signing up for this one because it is always so flippin’ hot!  I think three years in a row is enough, but then again I say that every year.  We have too many friends that travel down to do this one….

Finishing up on the bike.

Finishing up on the bike.



G coming in on the run!

G coming in on the run!


Happy Friday!!!!  What are you plans for the weekend??

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Is Anyone Out There????

Man, I cannot believe it has been a couple of weeks since I have last blogged.  We have had a lot going on – trips to amusement parks, ballgames, work and of course training!  Now we are just hoping not to be washed away here in North Georgia – I mean is it ever going to stop raining???  Day 5 and it is still coming down.

A couple of weekends ago G and I took my cousin to Atlanta for a couple of days.  The first day we went to Six Flags and after the first ride I was wondering if I was getting too old for roller coasters – oooo my neck, ooooo my headache.  G wanted to ride a new ride called the Sky Screamer, basically it is like the swings except this swing takes you over 200 feet in the air and spins you at 45mph!  Needless to say he had to tell me when I could open my eyes again.  All in all, it was an awesome day – the Batman is still the best coaster there.  Afterwards we checked into our hotel, showered and headed to the Atlanta Braves baseball game.  I LOVE LIVE BASEBALL!!!!  Next on Friday we went to White Water and stayed from open until close!

On the work front, in addition to working for an insurance company here in Chattanooga, I have also started selling Mary Kay Cosmetics on the side.  This week was my first week in selling….I am still trying to learn about the products because I know really nothing about makeup or skin care.  It’s very interesting and I am looking forward to giving free facials and talking to ladies about their skin care needs.  FYI – I ship nationwide 🙂

Here is my website:

Or my FB page:

Now onto training…..Last week I ran for the first time in 9 weeks!  OMG – I did not know you would lose that so quickly.  The furthest I have run so far is 2.75 miles.  The doctor told me to start back easy and to not rush anything, so I am trying to follow his advice.  It is hard though knowing that we are getting close to the 100 day marker for IMFL.  The furthest I have rode has been almost 70 miles, so I need to pick that up too.  However, I have become a swimming fool!  🙂

Totals for June:  Swimming – 23.5 miles (yes that number is correct)………Cycling – 282 miles…….Running – 2 miles (yeah, go ahead and laugh)

Here are a couple of pics from one of my old phones I finally figured out how to load on my computer…..Enjoy

Pics of my running buddies!

Pics of my running buddies!

Adventures in Cycling

Adventures in Cycling

My baby girl!

My baby girl!

The reason why I exercise!

The reason why I exercise!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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Week 11….Becoming an Ironman

This week felt pretty productive – only missed two workouts.  So, right now we are currently training for Gulf Coast 70.3 in May and the plan I chose deals in minutes/hours when it comes to the biking and running.  At first I wasn’t sure I could trust myself with training by time, like am I going to short change myself by lolly-gagging around.  So far, I feel like we have been putting in some quality work – luckily the plan tells you what “rate of effort” you should be working at.

Sunday was so nice, I had to break in a new Running Skirt!

Sunday was so nice, I had to break in a new Running Skirt!

Saturday’s ride was W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.!  It was almost 60 degrees outside!!  We had a good group go out on a 3 hr ride with D, Cyndi, Nik, and Betty (“the one that scares dogs”).  What is Betty’s nickname about??  Well she told us about this one time a dog came up and bit her shoe, she stopped – got off her bike, then ran while carrying her bike chasing after the dog while she was yelling at it.  You just gotta love that!!

Cyndi at one of the "food stops"

Cyndi at one of the “food stops”

The route was a somewhat new one, a lollipop from Chickamauga Battlefield out to LaFayette, Ga and back.  A lot of good ole’ country back roads.  Our views consisted of nothing but trees, farms, a lot of cows, some horses, and some chickens.

You know you are in the country when you start seeing these signs!

You know you are in the country when you start seeing these signs!

The main view...

The main view…

Monday: Bike 1:45

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Swim 2350 yards, Run (speed work) 40 minutes, Body Shop (tri’s/chest/abs)

Thursday: Brick (bike 45 minutes, run 15 minutes)

Friday: Swim 2000 yards, Body Shop (bi’s, shoulders, abs), Bike 1:20 (cancelled b/c I was too tired)

Saturday: Run 40 minutes, Bike 3 hrs

Sunday: Run 1:20, Swim 2300 (cancelled because it was too nice outside and I feel like two pool days is enough)

Totals: Swim 2.5 miles, Bike 88 miles, Run 17.3 miles

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!   Do you train by miles or time?

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Are you aware?

When you are out running or riding are you aware of your surroundings or are you jamming away to your music?walkman

During the week D, Heather and I attended a Self Defense class for runners that our local running store hosted for free.  Thank you Fast Break!  (or find them on FB page)  Instructor Ron Zirk has over 15 years of law enforcement experience and he offered some great tips (some common sense).  The common sense tips were:  no headphones (or at least pop one out of your ear while you run), keep your head up if you have to stop and tie your shoe, pay attention to your surroundings, change-up your route (I am not good that this), and don’t run late-alone-or in the dark.  Now some other tips he provided that I did not know was about mace.  He said that this does not affect everyone the same.  He said that some people might not even be affected by it, which is pretty scary to me b/c I thought I was always safe running with my mace.  Mr. Zirk also spoke about running with a small gun either attached to your ankle or attached to your shorts/ifitness belt/fanny pack/etc.

D, me and Heather.

D, me and Heather.

We all need to be aware, because the below picture is too good to give up early in the morning.

Last Saturday morning before our run.

Last Saturday morning before our run.

What do you think about running with a gun or mace?

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Foto Friday

So how cold was it here in Chattanooga, TN last weekend??  So, cold my water bottles froze over.  Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera battery was dying.

Check out the ice forming :)

Check out the ice forming 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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