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Base Training Week 3

So, I have finally decided to sign up for Ironman Louisville again.  I was looking at other races but G wants to do this one again so I finally caved.  It makes me a little nervous saying the race name out loud.  HA!

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Run Hill repeats

Workout: (30 min easy warm-up into zone 2, 4×3 min hill repeats with 3 min recovery, then 10 min cool down ending in a walk)

Actual – I did the entire workout.  The hill repeats are getting a little easier.  I am focusing on form and cadence of 180 spm.

Wednesday – Run w/ Strides, mini band drills

Workout: 30 min run with 4x 1 min strides

Actual: I completed the entire workout and the strides were completed on a slight hill as requested.  I enjoyed this workout, since I am focusing so much on keeping a cadence of 180 spm it felt great lengthening my stride to see what I had during just one minute intervals.  Mini band drills hurt like heck!!!  Then on the last set of planks I kept wanting to fall over.

Thursday – Swim – then celebrate my papaw’s 87th Birthday

Workout – Dry land warm up drills, then swim 1950 yards.

Actual – My arms were still sore from yesterday’s plank sets.  I did both the dry land drills and then swam 1950 yards.  During this swim we had a 5×100 yard swim test.  My times were: 1:31, 1:31, 1:32, 1:31, 1:31.  Very happy that each 100 was consistent and I pushed hard on all 5 of these 100’s.


Family celebrating my papaw.

Friday – Run Track Test

Workout – I had to start off with cadence drills and then do the 1 mile track test.

Actual – This 1 mile track test is not just a mile….You first warm up 1 mile, then do a mile of surges (200 surge, 200 recover), then 1 mile time trial, followed by 1 mile speed work (200 speed, 200 recover).  Then finally 1/2 mile cool down.  Talk about being worn out!


Hardcore training, when you tie yourself to a flag pole to do cadence drills.

Saturday – Bike 1:30, Abs

Workout – Freestyle ride – zone 2-3 with surges and standing climbs if you feel like it

Actual – It was a great day for a bike ride, crisp air and the leaves are finally changing colors.  My calves were a little tight on this ride from the track workout the day before.  We did one standing climb up Snodgrass pretty early in the ride.  After that we just stayed in the park.  I spent the majority of the ride in zones 1-3, which was the goal.  Slow ride time:  14.6mph

As far as the ab work goes…..All pretty standard, but I cannot do those box jumps.  I’m just to chicken.

Sunday – Run 40 min

Workout – Warm up for 20 minutes building to zone 3.  Then run 15 minutes in mid-zone 3.  Finish with a 5 min cool down.

Actual – I ended up doing a trail run.  I warmed up for 20 minutes trying to stay in zone 2.  I set my watch during the 15 min zone 3 run to beep at me when I went over.  It seemed to work well.  It was a tough run – I had a lot of ruts, roots, and rocks to dodge so my cadence was all over the place.  I was happy to average a 11:54 min/mile during the 15 minute zone 3 run on the trail.


My happy place.

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Do Not Ever Say Never

So, after 2016 Ironman Louisville I told G and everyone else that I would never do another full Ironman.  Something internally switched off out on the course, I could not ever explain what.  It took my desire, passion, and my soul (yes I know that’s a little too dramatic) from me to ever want to do another long endurance race.

Now, here I am with a years rest from long distance and I’m ready and determined to do it again.  It could be because I am turning 40 this year and I want to prove to myself that age is just a number.  So, what is different this go ’round is that I have actually hired a coach.  I am so happy that I do not have to plan my own workouts anymore, which I have been doing since 2011 for triathlon long distance.  All I have to do is tell her what races I want to do and she comes up with my plan.  Every week when I open up Training Peaks to see the weeks worth of workouts, it’s like it’s Christmas morning.

So, if I have time I am going to start keep a log of my workouts on this blog again….It’s not to bore you, but help me see what kind of progress I have made.

I am back and happy to be training!


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Lake Guntersville Triathlon

So, G and I signed up for Lake Guntersville Triathlon (Olympic Distance) and completed it this past weekend.  You cannot beat the “early bird” pricing – $25!!!  We have done this race for the past 3 years and love it.  The bike course is very rolling and the run is very rolling as well.  The run is also part road and part trail – so there is your fair warning.

I love Lake Guntersville State Park and the Lodge!  We usually drive up after work and spend the night.  The rooms are nice, fantastic pool, workout room, and great restaurants on site.

The Lodge from the race site.

Hand carved bear inside the lobby.

Our room view!

This race is pretty low key – low stress.  It starts at 8am, central time and you can pretty much stay in transition until your wave is called.  It is an in water start and each wave goes off every three minutes.  I think there was a total of 4 waves this year. (Total people for both the sprint and Olympic @300).

G, me, Buck, and Kristie

I beat my time from last year by a minute, so I totally consider that a win.  G however beat me for the 1st time in this race by 2 minutes.  Guess I need to start training a little harder, not that we are competitive with each other at all 😉

Coming back in from the bike.

I wore my new kit from #BestTriClubEver and it worked perfectly!  No hot spots and it did not ride up anywhere.  Looking forward to next years race already!

Next up….. Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon (which if you want a discount code for this race, let me know)


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Week 6 – Columbus Marathon Training

Monday:  The weather seemed to be really iffy for the week.  They were calling for 40%-60% rain every afternoon, so instead of taking a rest day, we went ahead and did our speed work for the week.  We had a standard warm up/cool down but the main set consisted of this:  200m ALL OUT followed immediately with a 400m MAX effort, repeating this 3 times with a 400m walk break between sets.

Plan: Rest Day
Actual: Track Workout (600m Superset)   200m: 6:49/M, 6:58/M, 6.57/M…..400m: 8:00/M, 7:47/M, 8:00/M


Tuesday: Since we did not take our rest day on Monday we took it on Tuesday.
Plan: Track Workout
Actual: Rest Day

Wednesday: Weights/Core
Actual: Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Calf Raises 4 sets of 12 reps….standard crunches, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, side crunches 25 reps each

Thursday: Thursday’s run work out was: Warm up .5M, main set x2 – 1 mile L1, 1 mile L1, .5m L2, .5m L3, .5m L1, then the 0.5 mile cool down was optional so I did not do all of it.  After work took a Zumba class.
Plan: Endurance Run 6.5 – 7 miles, Zumba
Actual: Zumba, 6.8 miles

Friday:  Work has been stressful all week, especially after one girl left and I think it finally caught up to me.  So instead of running, I slept another 45 minutes and started working earlier than I planned.
Plan: 4 mile easy run
Actual: stayed in bed

Saturday:  This weekend we decided to take some different trails out in the Chickamauga Battlefield and WOW did we hit a couple of good hills.  One was totally straight up and I had to finally bend over hold my knees and walk up it.  Total elevation was 1,409 feet, which might not be a lot for some but coming from maybe 300 feet elevation it was a lot!
Plan: 9-10 mile trail run
Actual: 9.75 trail run



Sunday:  We decided since this was an easy run before church just to run in Ringgold and not drive over to the Battlefield.  It was hot and so humid.  Legs were jello most of the run, but it felt good and strong.
Plan: 5.5 mile easy run
Actual: 5.5 easy run – 0.25M WU/Cool Down, main set x2 – 1M L2, 1M L3, 0.5M L1

What I felt like after this weekends running workouts!

What I felt like after this weekends running workouts!

This upcoming week is going to be tough.  I am flying out to Dallas Tuesday morning and will be returning Saturday late in Nashville.  It’s going to be non-stop while I am in Dallas (Mary Kay Seminar), meaning very little sleep.  Hope I can somehow squeeze in my workouts!

Do you try to get in all your workouts while traveling??

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Is Anyone Out There????

Man, I cannot believe it has been a couple of weeks since I have last blogged.  We have had a lot going on – trips to amusement parks, ballgames, work and of course training!  Now we are just hoping not to be washed away here in North Georgia – I mean is it ever going to stop raining???  Day 5 and it is still coming down.

A couple of weekends ago G and I took my cousin to Atlanta for a couple of days.  The first day we went to Six Flags and after the first ride I was wondering if I was getting too old for roller coasters – oooo my neck, ooooo my headache.  G wanted to ride a new ride called the Sky Screamer, basically it is like the swings except this swing takes you over 200 feet in the air and spins you at 45mph!  Needless to say he had to tell me when I could open my eyes again.  All in all, it was an awesome day – the Batman is still the best coaster there.  Afterwards we checked into our hotel, showered and headed to the Atlanta Braves baseball game.  I LOVE LIVE BASEBALL!!!!  Next on Friday we went to White Water and stayed from open until close!

On the work front, in addition to working for an insurance company here in Chattanooga, I have also started selling Mary Kay Cosmetics on the side.  This week was my first week in selling….I am still trying to learn about the products because I know really nothing about makeup or skin care.  It’s very interesting and I am looking forward to giving free facials and talking to ladies about their skin care needs.  FYI – I ship nationwide 🙂

Here is my website:

Or my FB page:

Now onto training…..Last week I ran for the first time in 9 weeks!  OMG – I did not know you would lose that so quickly.  The furthest I have run so far is 2.75 miles.  The doctor told me to start back easy and to not rush anything, so I am trying to follow his advice.  It is hard though knowing that we are getting close to the 100 day marker for IMFL.  The furthest I have rode has been almost 70 miles, so I need to pick that up too.  However, I have become a swimming fool!  🙂

Totals for June:  Swimming – 23.5 miles (yes that number is correct)………Cycling – 282 miles…….Running – 2 miles (yeah, go ahead and laugh)

Here are a couple of pics from one of my old phones I finally figured out how to load on my computer…..Enjoy

Pics of my running buddies!

Pics of my running buddies!

Adventures in Cycling

Adventures in Cycling

My baby girl!

My baby girl!

The reason why I exercise!

The reason why I exercise!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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Foto Friday

Sometimes I feel like I live out of the truck.  #triathleteproblems

Swim this morning and ride this afternoon!

Swim this morning and ride this afternoon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Week 12…..Becoming an Ironman

Well, I feel like I have slacked a lot this week mainly because work has picked up so much.  So, instead of getting up to get the workouts in I just head to the office – BUMMER!  Anyway – I am not a drinker, so instead of heading off to a bar to celebrate the start of St. Patrick’s Day weekend – I opted for a real treat – Julie Darlings Donut.

Best doughnut ever!

Best donut ever!

I started this weekend with a 5K Saturday morning put on by First Volunteer Bank (formerly Gateway Bank), which is an annual thing for me because this was the first race I ran when I decided to give running a try.  Since this was the same weekend as St. Patty’s day, I felt like a little green and yellow wouldn’t hurt.  I ended up coming in third in my age group (yes there was more than three people in my age group) and ended up with a PR for this particular race.  Great way to start the weekend.

I was the only one in green and yellow.

I was the only one in green and yellow.

3rd place scored a mini piggy bank.

3rd place scored a mini piggy bank.

This weekend was gorgeous down here in North Georgia, temp was around 70 degrees with sunny skies!  Saturday we had a brick workout planned, which entailed 30 miles + 30 minutes of running…..Here are some pics of the ride.

One of the sod farms...

One of the sod farms we passed on the way to “The Wall”…

Stephanie and Nik

Stephanie and Nik

Dave, Barry, and G...

Dave, Barry, and G…

After we finished Saturday’s workout, G and I decided to head down to Calhoun Premium Outlets to do a little shopping.  Great way to end the day.

Then Sunday before church G and I went for a 50 minute run, which was really hard to do on tired legs.  However – once it was finished we knew that we were finished until Tuesday night, best feeling ever.  After church we decided to go to the park with Reagan and just lay out in the sun and relax…..Easier said than done – we made ourselves sit there for almost an hour until we couldn’t take it anymore.  So, we went and walked some trails with the dog.

Reagan enjoying being with her people.

Reagan enjoying being with her people.

Then Sunday night we went and saw Jim Gaffigan’s live show at the Tivoli in downtown Chattanooga, TN.  He is so funny and his show is clean – even better!

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Milkshake Ride with DAC – 20 mile ride

Wednesday: Swim 1800 yards, Run (speed work) 36 minutes, Body Shop (tri’s/chest/abs)

Thursday: Run (foundation) 45 minutes, bike  (had to work late)

Friday: Swim 2000 yards (1500 yard straight in 21:55 or 1:36/100yard), Body Shop (needed a mental health break by lunch), Bike 1:00 (Adding to Saturday’s ride)

Saturday: Brick – Bike 2 hrs, Run 30 minutes

Sunday: Run 50 minutes, Swim 1825 (cancelled because right now two days is enough)

Totals: Swim 2.2 miles, Bike 50 miles, Run 18.7 miles

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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Week 8 – Becoming an Ironman

Well, the cloud has lifted and I am back to training….FINALLY!

G and I had a good week, however we still cannot seem to get in three swims a week…BLAH!  Anyway, as we all are aware Feb. 14th was this past week.  I am not much into Valentine’s Day, but my awesome training partner surprised me with this!  My favorite….Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, followed by some NUNN and Kleenex for bike rides.  Then after work me, D, and G met up for an awesome 32 mile bike ride.  Afterwards Gary and I followed that by splitting some grilled chicken tenders from Park Place (our go-to restaurant after our bike rides in the Battlefield).

Best Training Partner EVER!

Best Training Partner EVER!

Saturday I ran with D, while G went to work and then we spent the rest of the day down at my family’s farm and G’s mom and boyfriend came.  G cooked out (with flurries coming down), then we all ate and played games.  Had a blast!!!  I love my family.  🙂  (wish my little sis in Chicago was there though:()

Lola was interested in the camera.

Lola was interested in the camera.

I also found some time Saturday to make my niece her favorite cookies for her birthday – Pumpkin Spice Cookies.  Lucky for her I only ate three of them…..


The finished product.

The finished product.

Sunday we met up with a great group of people to ride out at Red Clay Park.  It was our first time there and it will not be our last!  The ride leader, Karen, gave me a handful of cue cards we could use if we came back out to ride.  Plus, she was nice enough to loan me some knee warmers b/c I forgot my long pants for the ride and it was 40 degrees outside with some wonderful wind.

After climbing a huge hill.  I think Gary is trying to breathe.

After climbing a huge hill. I think Gary is trying to breathe.

Sunday's ride

Sunday’s ride

Monday: 4 mile run (wanted to start out easy to make sure everything was ok), 2100 yard swim

Tuesday: Body Pump (upper body), trainer bike ride 1 hour

Wednesday: 6 mile hill run, 1750 yard swim

Thursday: Body Pump (legs), 32 mile bike ride

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 8 mile run  (I love a good taper!)

Sunday: 30 mile bike ride

Totals—18 miles running, 77 miles biking, 2.2 miles swimming

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

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Week 2 – Becoming an Ironman

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook this week…she stated that it has rained for the past 12 days here in the Chattanooga area.  That can really mess up your training.  On top of that work seemed to be freakishly busy this week, which also put a damper on training.  My legs were pretty tired still from the Hot Chocolate 15K in Atlanta on Sunday, so I was going to take a couple of days off from running.  However, Wednesday and Thursday it rained and I DID NOT want to run on a treadmill – so I opted to wait until Saturday to run.  YIKES!

My view from the back during my morning trainer rides.  At least she tries to keep me company.

My view from the back during my morning trainer rides. At least she tries to keep me company.

The sun was finally out Friday and since it is a 3-day weekend for G and I, we decided to pack in as much riding outdoors as we could – especially with all the sunshine!  What a wonderful weekend….  🙂

Monday:  5M easy run, 1600 yard swim, Body Pump  I ended up riding the trainer for 70 minutes, trying to spin out the soreness in my legs.  Helped a little.  Couldn’t make it to Body Pump because I had to work through lunch.  Swimming, well I just did not want to do it.

Tuesday:  OFF DAY

Wednesday:  Hill Work 6M, Body Pump, Swim 1300 yards – cancelled run due to rain and refusal to run on treadmill.  Again had to work through lunch so could not make it to Body Pump.

Thursday:  Trainer ride 60 minutes

Friday:  Trainer ride 60 minutes, Body Pump, Swim 1400 yards – just did not have time to swim before work, well I did not get up early enough.  Body Pump was legs – probably should have left the class since we had a long run planned for Saturday.

Saturday:  11M run, 60 minute bike – did both!  Wish we could have ridden longer, but my legs were hurting too bad from the leg workout on Friday.

Sunday:  120 minute bike ride – G and I decided to go to the park and ride around 2:30.  When we got there the Lann’s were there along with 13 of their friends and they let us tag along with them for a social ride.  We ended up riding 30 miles and a great route…..ended up going down some roads we have never been down.  So glad we ran into the group!  We even went to dinner with some of them afterwards.   🙂

Totals:  Run=11 miles, Swim=0.74 miles, Bike Outdoors=44 miles, Bike Trainer=3hrs 10 minutes

G's new ride!  He loves it!

G’s new ride! He loves it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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