Waterfront Triathlon – 2012

Well just like last year – the day of the Waterfront Triathlon it was really hot with no cloud in the sky.  I cannot complain too much though because the past two weekends before it was in the 100’s and Sunday it was only in the 90’s.

The short version – I beat my time by 10 minutes when you compare it back from last year, improving in every leg!!!

The Long version:

Morning of the race…so peaceful and pretty!

The morning of the event I arrived around 6am to set up my transition area.  Everyone had assigned racks however you could pick where you wanted to be on the rack – I wanted to make sure I got the end spot!  After setting up I found D and Missi, then ran into Barry, Jeanniee and Michelle.  We talked for a bit and took a couple of pictures before D, Missi, and I headed up to the swim start.

Heading to transition….I look like I am 12 years old here. 🙂

me and Jeanniee

Michelle, D, Jeanniee, me, and Missi

Once at Scrappy Field we quickly ran into Reggie, Dave, and Cyndi.  The race was supposed to start at 7:30, but they were running about 10 minutes late.  (Ate a honey waffle stinger about 30 minutes prior to my swim.)  The swim was a time trial start one swimmer every 3 seconds and I was number 643 – so I had about 30 minutes before I got in the water.  Since it was Sunday morning there was absolutely NO CURRENT.  However, I got into a groove and just started swimming along.  I think this was the first triathlon swim I really enjoyed!  No one kicked me, grabbed my feet, or ran over me…SCORE!  I passed a lot of people and everyone had so much room to swim it was absolutely wonderful.  🙂  Oh also, they had “catchers” at the end of the swim – so I threw both arms out and they grab them and pull you to the steps.

Swim Time: 26:53  (1:38/100 yard) 

Finished the swim about to run up to T1.
Thanks for the photo Whitney!

Looks like Whitney snagged a picture of Dave coming out of the water too!! Thanks girl 🙂

The bike was uneventful again this year, which I am very thankful for!  You come straight out of T1 and ride up a small hill, then another steeper small hill, then the on-ramp for the highway.  I don’t know why, but I totally forgot about the 1.5 mile hill once you pass the Signal Mtn exit.  Once you get passed that you have a lot of rollers, but some really good downhills thrown in.  It felt like I made it to the turn around in no time…I love just a 26 mile bike ride. 🙂  I looked down and I averaged about 17.3mph the first half – but wait a minute…..once I made the turn around I hit a headwind!  Oh no!!  I battled this stinking headwind all the way back and with the sun beating down on my back – at one point I was thinking, “Why am I doing this? “I hate triathlons!” “I just want to quit”.  The downhills, where one should have reached over 30mph, I was in my biggest gear pedaling just to get my speed up to 27mph.  All in all, it was still a good ride and I beat my time from last year.  I took in two bottles of fluid and 1 gu.

Bike Time: 1:37:45  (avg. 16mph)   (Wish I didn’t have the headwind, so my average could have been higher.) 

Once you come out of T2, you hit “the hill”.  Luckily I live in Chattanooga, so I have been doing a little training on it. 🙂  The week of the event D and I ran the course and I decided to run just halfway up the hill and then walk the rest of the way in order to save some energy for the stairs coming up and then the Battery Place hill on the way back.  Other than the steps and the two hills this is a really flat course all along the Riverwalk.  Basically I ran until my stomach did not want to cooperate and then I walked.  I think I took in a little too much liquid on the bike because everything was sloshing around.  So, for the rest of the time I did a run/walk.  Since it was so hot they had an aid station every mile stocked with really cold water, powerade, and ice.  Oh and they also had ice-cold towels on the course – these saved my life.  I wish I could have run the entire time, it’s not that I was tired or my legs were tired – it was a stomach thing. 😦

Run Time: 1:22:03  (13:12/mile)   Yeah-Yeah, I know it was really slow and I am embarrassed to admit it.

About to cross the finish line, I had a huge nasty blister on my foot – starting to really hurt!

D coming down the hill – love the background!

Overall Time: 3:35:43        I would have liked for it to be at most 3:30, but I’ll take a 10 minute improvement over last year!

As soon as I crossed the finish line I said, “I will NEVER do this event again”.  However after about 30 minutes Gary talked about wanting to do it next year and I was ready to sign up again.  🙂  What makes this race — of course I have to say the volunteers!  They all signed up to stand out in 90+ degrees to take care of all of us….so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! 

This is a very organized event with more than 400 volunteers, so if you are looking for a challenging olympic tri – this one is for you!  Or if not, come out and volunteer next year – they treat the volunteers like rock stars.  The post race food was great – fruit, pizza (HELLO – spinach pizza….YUMMY!), bbq sandwiches, chips, cookies, granola bars, powerade, water, coke products, and beer (if you drink).

Missi and I as soon as I crossed the finish line.

Missi, Tammy and me

Michelle, D, Missi, and me –too sweaty to touch each other!

Me and Gary at the volunteer party Friday night…we helped stuff 1500 race packets!

Thanks for reading!  If you would like to see more photos of the triathlon, you can go to Whitney’s SmugMug page.

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5 thoughts on “Waterfront Triathlon – 2012

  1. Very nice job, Waterfront is a tough one. Good luck on the next one you blog ‘rock star’ you. Good training to you.

  2. Great job, Beth! I was waiting to hear how it went. That sun is brutal, and wind just makes it worse! Hopefully next year, I’ll do it with you!

  3. Whitney Allison

    Yay for Beth!!! You are motivating me to try some new things!!! 🙂

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